Monday, May 11, 2015

Fun With the Boys

I had a great time with two of my fave rubber buds, M and Rbrgear on Saturday night. They came over around 6pm and after chatting and having a few beers for a couple of hours, we donned our rubber and got into play mode. M and I were originally going to put Rbrgear in the sleepsack and edge him, however we changed our minds. We made out as a threesome for awhile, then played with each others butts, made out for awhile again, then took turns in the sling getting spit roasted.
Triad of Penis (penii?)...thought it was a cool visual :)
Rbrgear had to leave as he had plans for Mother's Day on Sunday, so he took off around 11:30. M and I spent the rest of the night working on each other's asses (as we always do when we get together!). It was a blast; I always enjoy my time with these men and I'm glad that we have the friendly, attitude-free playtimes that we do because I know that we all enjoy the time a lot.
Spit-roasting Rbrgear...I think he enjoyed it.
M's turn in the sling
The only downside is that we don't get to do it often enough! M has a boyfriend as do I; Rbrgear being the sexy catch that he is I'm sure won't be on the market for long; I hope that he has the opportunity to get into an open relationship as we are, therefore still be able to join us from time-to-time. Rubber play gives us such a great excuse to get together as our significant others aren't into it! ;-)

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