Tuesday, May 26, 2015

New Pole Poll

So, this morning coming into work, once I locked my bike in the bike cage, I came into the locker room and ran into Hot Guy. There are a few sexy guys that I run into in the lockerroom semi-regularly, but I think this guy is the most handsome of them all.  He rides a Trek road bike (+1 for him), he's good-looking, hairy, very fit, and always wears great cycling gear to work. Despite the fact he's one of those guys that refuses to talk or make eye-contact in the morning...actually he comes across as a bit of a douchebag, I do like to watch him in his gear....what red-blooded homo wouldn't?

If this is any insight into the uptightedness of this guy, he takes his cycling gear off in the shower stall after he's drawn the curtain. No public nudity for this guy, apparently. It would be hilarious if it weren't so weird...oh well, each to his own.

Anyways, back to my story. He wore a beautiful (and expensive) Craft bib cycling knickers. After bringing it back from the shower, he hung his gear out in the open and didn't bother locking it up like everyone else does...presumably to let it dry more quickly? He got ready and left the lockerroom before I did. So there was his sweaty cycling gear hanging there...

For a second, I thought about undressing again and trying the knickers on for size as I'm sure they would feel and look great, plus I'd get some of the fluid and scent on me that he left behind...and maybe a bit of thought that it would spite him and his douchebaggery a bit. Oh my god, am I a depraved pervert or what? I was tempted, but didn't follow through....had I came into the room five minutes later and he left while I was still en route or coming out of the shower, I probably would have.....also in the back of my mind for justification; I know that my Castelli knickers at home are actually hotter and sexier than his black Craft ones are anyways, so that helped to get the perverted thoughts out of my mind.

So, the question posed today in the Pole Poll is whether you would follow through with the thoughts I had; would you consider it and pass as I did; or would you not even consider the idea for whatever reason? I guess this is a pervertometer poll when you think about it! LOL
sooooooo worth it.

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