Thursday, May 14, 2015

Renewed Hunt

Well, my indications of buying some new rubber might be a harbinger of a desire to grow/replace/build a new arsenal of toys and gear for fun in the playroom. It's been a long time since I've bought some masks and breathplay gear, as well as some larger high-quality ass toys.

I am looking for a new mask or two, designed for breathplay and inhaler systems. Does anyone have any suggestions?

I am looking at some of the stuff from Mr. XRed on eBay, the Heavy Rubber GAS MASK Latex HOOD skirt with embedded gag with pump, 2 rebreather bags and twin hoses. As attachments, I would like to get a bubbler set and/or a couple inhaler sets

The one other item I'm really keen to find/get is something Mr. International Rubber Max bought recently at Blackstyle in Berlin recently. I am ready to purchase a similar one online!  I've had my other Blackstyle hoods for well over 10 years, they are just now starting to gum up due to age. I'm looking forward to renewing my Blackstyle arsenal! It might finally be time to purchase my dream hood from Blackstyle as well, the Latex Combimask!
Good stuff so, finally, some high-quality, non-allergenic ass toys. I am done with the vinyl shit, and for most of my fuckbuddies, silicone is the way to go to avoid any issues with allergic reactions. It's finally time to drop some bucks on SquarePeg and Crackstuffer toys.

A Slick? A Bone? Gooseneck? Depth Trainer?

I'm also looking for a borer/screw type large dildo that can be screwed into the ass (righty tighty!) and big enough that it will be held there.

Additionally I was looking at one of the Ass-locks (either 1.0 or 2.0) but I don't think they are honestly big enough for the guys I hang out with! LOL

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