Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Catsuit: In Memoriam

A number of my rubber catsuits seem to be coming close to end-of-life these days, unfortunately. Fortunately, I am looking to start to do some replacement (exciting!), but in the meantime, I want to reflect lovingly on the fun and adventure I've had in my tight rubber that has given me so much pleasure as I've evolved into the rubberman I am today. Particularly, I'd like to wax poetic on my Invincible black neck-entry catsuit, one that I've had and kept alive for six years through a lot of wear and tear. I brought it out of storage on Saturday for the Drill Night party, recognizing that it might be the last time this suit sees public light and I wanted to give it a proper retirement party!


We had so much fun together
Alone with you as my second skin
Entwined together with another rubberman
Or dungeon suspended, zippers locked, toys held in.

You arrived so shiny, odor so heavenly
Pristine latex shaped into masculine form
Slipping in through your stretched hole
With codpiece aligned; deviant transformation born.

Hours upon hours realizing rubber possibilities
Ending sessions in lube piss and cum
At countless parties, my layer of protective safety
Hot men caressing you, stimulating me, wanting to get some.

The day you showed your first tear
Flawlessness gone, unfortunate signs
So much I desired to keep together forever
So must start an inevitable watch of your decline.

I reset you, repaired you, altered you
Integrity continuing to sour
Wanting to retain you as part of me
Your fleeting existence being a part of your power.

One last time, my sexy catsuit
Let the essence of my second skin entertain
Everyone to enjoy your beauty and power
Before only the amazing memories remain.

Thank you for all you've given me.
RIP sexy Invincible catsuit. It's time to replace you with another. Thank you for all the wonderful memories and pleasurable experiences. You were pivotal in my evolution as a rubberman.

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