Tuesday, May 23, 2017

The Bound Collective

We are TheBoundCollective – an international art collaboration of rugged guys who love to publicly display their passion for bondage and objectification.

We’re not talking about a quick fuck in the park. We’re talking about the dehumanization of the human being! We’ll transform you into nothing but a faceless object. That’s why we love tape. It covers up your individuality until nothing remains. With each layer, you feel your humanity disappear: stiffened joints, useless hands, blind eyes... You’ll be objectified into perfect insignificance.

It’s about art. We focus on situations of everyday life that we attack with the complete dismantling of human self-determination.

TheBoundCollective made their debut at Folsom Europe 2016 with the installation “Tape Mummies @ Victoria Luise” inside a Berlin subway station. If you’re interested, write to us or visit us at www.TheBoundCollective.com

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