Wednesday, May 3, 2017


I think a lot of us have dabbled in animal roleplay. I've assumed the role of a pup and a handler and considered other roleplays that would align with my personality (perhaps better?). I had considered a cat but I am not that aloof. I don't think I am subservient enough and focused enough on other individuals to play an effective pup, at least that's my thought....but one animal role that really attracts me is pony play.

Strong, loyal, independent, responsive....these are all qualities I see in myself. I also like the idea of putting on a rubber 'horsehide' and hooves and a horse mask and being loyal and responsive to a kind gentle and fair handler. What do you think? Does anyone have experience with pony play?
All the gear and harnesses are a big turnon. I'd love to be part of a draft team pulling vehicles as well. It may not sound fun to some, but it sounds intriguing to me :)

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heavybondage said...

It's a funny thing...but all of the photos in this post really appeal to me until I see the head hood/mask...and then I instantly lose interest. Being objectified in a human rubber hood so appeals to me...but as an