Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Saturday Night

I think my rubber experiences in the UK have launched a new age of rubber horniness! Perhaps that's to be expected considering the amount of rubber I've bought in the past five weeks!

Friday night I was out with friends but cut out around midnight because I wanted to go home and put on some rubber! I enjoyed myself in the Latexskin 0.2mm two-piece catsuit, which I haven't worn in quite some time. It's like putting on a rubber balloon, so thin and sexy. I didn't get too in depth into self-play as I wanted to save everything I had for Saturday. Boy Wardog was coming over in the evening, I had lots of plans I wanted to execute...

Saturday, I had to set up for the VRM monthly meet. We had a great time at the Vancouver Rubbermen May Spring Fling meet on Saturday afternoon at Pumpjack. There was a good turnout of guys, some that haven't come out regularly are starting to show up (yay!) and some of my buds also turned up. I enjoyed putting a few guys in the vac-tower, and some pups took a crack at the body bag. We wrapped things up around 5:30pm, Mr P came and picked me up. We went home I had a nap, then went and met a few friends at Fountainhead pub before Wardog was done work and came and fetched me.

We got ready for play, it wasn't until almost 11pm when we started. I was excited to finally play in my crotchless gimp catsuit and I got him in rubber tank and pants for the great night ahead. I got fucking him on the fuck bench for awhile but eventually he said he wasn't feeling like bottoming and he wanted to top me, so I obliged ;)

I totally got to gimp out for the rest of the night with him working my hole for hours and hours. I was in heaven. I got him to gimp me out with toe socks, collar, gags, hood layering, put restraints on me, strap me down on the fuck bench in rubber strapping and go to town on my ass in numerous sessions. Additionally I put on the metal cock cage with the urethral insert for some extra submission. Fuck, it was hot! I'm so lucky to have such a good attentive boy who loves working my hole as much I do his.
I am LOVING this crotchless gimp suit....makes me feel so submissive WOOF
My OCD would've required Boy Wardog put the rubber strapping on more tightly and cleanly, but then again, I'm just going to shut up at the moment!
Plugged with urethral insert chastity in an inter-session break....still strapped where I belong ;)

Sunday Mr. P and I went up to Shadow Falls to start with the opening up of the RV.  We spent the afternoon opening up the Eagle 5 with the help of our friend G and his nephew. Trench was dug, gazebo was erected...some mould and lots of mice gifts inside the RV, but overall, things are in pretty good shape for glamping season 2017! Next weekend will be final cleaning and unpacking in preparation for Victoria Day long weekend!

Last night I went with Wardog to see Tuchus. It was the first time I've been to see him since he was hospitalized three months ago. It was hard to see him so frail and so hooked up to machinery, however he did look better than I thought he would. He was alert and able to nod his head to our questions, but due to his breathing tube in his trachea, obviously not able to communicate. His muscle strength is so weak he's barely able to use his arms or hands. Poor fucker. He's been through so much already and still has so much to go.

I tried to stay upbeat and try to rein in Wardog's anxiety and emotions as for a 25-year old who hasn't had this hit so close to home, this has really messed him up in many many ways. I didn't like to hear him say some of the things he was saying to Tuchus, but I know he was just being emotional; he's such an emotional boy :)

I left with the message to Tuchus that he has to get better soon so he can get out of ICU, we can start talking to him again, and start bringing him stuff to help him rehabilitate and pass the time that's surely to be a big number in the long long recovery that's to come for him. Wardog is dedicated to being his attendant, to the point he wants to find part-time work and spend the days home caring for Tuchus while Tuchus' husband is at work. I think it would be a good opportunity for them to bond even deeper, and you never know, Wardog might discover an inner natural talent and trait that he loves and may want to pursue!

Anyways, summer may not have started but as far as Mr. P and I are concerned, it starts for us next weekend. I may be rainy and cool at Shadow Falls this weekend but we're going anyways!

I'm taking up my new spandex. Will take some pics.

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