Thursday, May 11, 2017

RIP Tuchus 1963-2017

It is with a very heavy heart that I have to announce that our friend and mentor, Gavin aka Tuchus passed away this morning at 9:20PDT after a long battle against complications from pancreatitis at Vancouver General Hospital.

He is survived by his husband M aka Cumpigcub and Pup W aka DogofWar206 aka Wardog and of course a huge group of friend and community of kinksters whom he touched in so many ways.

I got the call from Wardog yesterday afternoon that Tuchus' condition had changed rapidly to worst after seeing him on Monday when he seemed to be in good spirits and improving health. The ICU doctors were planning to move him to palliative care and remove his life support. I got to the hospital around 7pm yesterday evening.

We've been at VGH all night. Yesterday the ICU doctors discovered that Tuchus's digestive system was no longer working so they decided to pull him off of life support. His sisters got to the hospital around 9pm and we were all able to say our goodbyes in the evening while he was awake. He was asking for more conversation from everyone even though he hasn't been able to talk during this whole 3-month ordeal and he seemed like he was in a good place knowing what was coming. He wanted to hear everyone's conversation one last time.

They took him off the breathing machines around 10:30 and started shutting the life support machines off one by one until about 1am when he was on his own. He managed to breathe and keep his heart beating until about 9:20 this morning. He was surrounded by his husband CPC, his puppy Wardog, his sisters, family and friends throughout the entire night. I managed to get a few hours sleep in the ICU lounge until 7am when I went home to get ready for work. I just got in now and got a text from Wardog an hour ago that Tuchus finally let go.

As many of you know, though Wardog is my boy, he had a very special Sir/pup relationship with Tuchus; they were inseparable, and Wardog looked up to Tuchus like a father and he is understandably very upset and staying with Mr. P and I at the moment. I think he is heading to our place now and Mr. P will look after him until I get home. This has hit him very hard as he considered Tuchus a father figure and I want to be at home for him so I'm probably going to work until noon or so then head home to get some rest.

Fortunately CPC's mom was with him in ICU last night and his dad is coming on the weekend so he has some good people to look after him.

It's been a shocking and devastating ordeal. We can hope that at least Tuchus is no longer in pain but hopefully still able to inflict some pain on others as he enjoyed so much to do...

Please send your love to CPC and Wardog on their shocking loss today.

Please have a glass of wine in Tuchus' memory today. He was an amazing mentor and friend who showed me more about myself, sex, kink, and the world then I ever could have expected. His creatively, wild spirit, perverted mind, and nurturing spirit will be missed forever.

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