Tuesday, November 15, 2016

When it Rains, It Pours

An apt metaphor...it hasn't stopped raining here since the beginning of October. What better time of year than to get all that pent-up horniness out with other like-minded guys while the skies remain grey and blah? Get the playroom warmed up, I say!

It certainly was an interesting week. I ended up having playtime with sexy men from Tuesday to Saturday...how fucking lucky am I?

So much so that Saturday night I had to take a rest after four days of marathon sex before finally going Sunday night to socialize and catchup with friends at two birthday parties and a hen party (not in that order).


It all started Tuesday night when Wardog met me for a beer after work to watch election results. We headed back to our place around 8pm. We watched results, I fucked him for awhile, then watched results and fucked again.

By the time the final tallies were coming in, he was getting too upset and had to leave. It was kind of weird, but the reality of the presidential election obviously hit him pretty hard. Oh to be young and emotional again LOL (the depth of the reality of this surreal bizarro-world alternate timeline we're on is just starting to sink into my thick brain now....).


Wednesday, I had made plans to get Xivenge™ (inside joke - trademark registration pending) over for some introduction to 'non-traditional' rubber play. As he had not gotten into the vac-tower on Saturday at the Vancouver Rubbermen meet, that was where he was going to go first.

Wednesday was my first legitimate play night with Xivenge™. We had a great time. He took to the vac-bondage like an otter to water.  He stayed in for a couple of hours with hoods, the breathcontrol gasamask, and gags. He easily would have stayed in longer if I wasn't timing our session!

I then put him in the sleepsack with electro for another couple hours. As he's 6'5" my gear isn't the best fit for him, but we made it work. He actually fit into the sleepsack quite nicely, though as I expected his toes were getting a bit crampy by the end of the session since the foot sleeve part of the sleepsack doesn't have ample space for feet bigger than, say a size 9.

We finished off the night filling a rubber bladder with J-Lube and then the two of us jumped inside. A year ago, the guys in Seattle gave me a long rubber bladder without PVC piping. It is a strange configuration so I haven't found much use for it yet, however I decided to bring it out for a bit of hot J-lube wrestling, and it worked out really well with tall Xivenge™.

It got super hot and stuffy in there rather quickly after Mr. P zipped us in. It was so erotic writhing over each other while the breathing was getting challenging. Slipping around on that guy got me more than a little aroused. Every once in awhile we had to let some fresh air in through the holes.

I hadn't done that scene with anyone since Higherlycra....it really has been a long time!

At any rate, we're going to keep getting together for rubber playtime....I'm really happy and excited about where this is going! He's becoming an insatiable rubber pig; I want him good and ready before I unleash him to the wilds of Vancouver as another influential rubber protégé hahaha

We were responsible as it was a school night and wrapped things up around 11pm. I'm looking forward to a longer, later session this Friday with this handsome rubber pig.

Blissed-out blue eyes

Thursday night was the first night of the Remembrance Day long weekend, so by the end of the day I was ready for some fun that could go late late into the night.

Wardog and I had planned earlier to have a play night this night and this time he was bringing his friend Convivial to come meet Mr. P and I. We all hit it off very well; Convivial and I ended up playing late late into the night as Wardog went to bed with Mr. P early because he had to work in the morning.

The four of us started off with a hot oral sesssion in bed, I fucked Convivial for awhile (apparently he's a top), Wardog put mango in my ass (as this is supposed to make a terrific - and delicious! - lube), Convivial fucked me (as things should be); after the guys went to bed, Convivial wanted to fist me for awhile, then we tried to sleep on the couch but he would wake me up every few hours to fuck me again. 4am, 6am, 8am....the guy seriously dropped six loads in me that night! What a cum producer! Very impressive!

It was super-hot, and it will certainly happen again.
Me and my fuck boy
Smothered by Wardog's impressive scrotum

We didn't fall asleep until very very late. I was up way too early and then prepped for my play date with Whatsup. We had made plans for me to head to his place to finally check out his playroom. I got there around 3pm after he was done work and I didn't head home until 1:30am. In the 10+ hours in between, I'm sure I spent at least six hours in his ring sling chair where he fisted and fucked me. We did numerous different combinations: flip flopping, in the ring chair, on the mattress on the floor. We didn't even make it into the traditional sling! We pissed into each others asses, on and on and on....more fucking and fisting; it eventually became a blur.

I really do like that ring sling chair, if I ever do get working on my playroom someday, it is definitely going to include one of those! It looks something like this, modified (use your imagination) :)

It was the most intense and dirty sex session I've had in a long time and so welcome! I had quite a few turns in the sling chair; I was really turned on right from the the get-go when he wanted to start by fucking me senseless, then would occasionally tip the sling chair up so my ass was essentially pointing up to the ceiling, casually drop a couple fists into me, then turn the chair back down to dick level and start fucking me again.

After a few flips back and forth, Whatsup got me in the ring sling chair for my main fisting session of the evening. Already in a state of bliss, I donned my chastity, my transparent rubber nostril hole hood and he helped me cinch on my sub collar tightly to get me into a good submissive headspace before putting me into the chair. Add poppers aaanndddd GO!

The scene felt like it went for hours...I think it did go for at least a couple....being in the hood I really did lose track of time and space. All that was concerning me was the pleasure I was getting from the depths of my guts as he worked his magic in my hole. This submissive space worked out well as Whatsup was able to achieve a new depth record in me during that session; I'm not sure if it was a time-and-place one-time-only (at this point-in-time, anyways!) event, or whether we're now getting into some appreciable depth now that I've been working on it for sometime. Anyways, he was almost up to his elbow in me...I think I am becoming a genuine fisting slut now! Surprise! Thanks to all my mentors and trainers LOL

When he told me where he had gone when I got out of the sling chair, I was blown away. It didn't feel uniquely different sensations or intensities from depths a few inches less (at least not as much as the last session with CPFFucker), but there were some differences like positioning that may have made a big difference. And as we definitely know - 'slow but sure' wins the race when it comes to depth. The most experienced fisters know this and now going forward any depth training is only going to be done slow and steady. It supposed to go so slow that the guts effectively swallow the fister as he moves ahead, no force is needed. I am also a big fan of the 'diversion' technique that both CPFFucker and Whatsup have applied on me recently; you're so focused on how deep the fister is in you, you don't notice that he's also slipping a second fist fully into your rectum.

Let's just say I had some challenges getting to sleep that night as I had so much to process in my brain, but I managed to get a bit and then got up and did Saturday stuff with Mr. P before heading to meat draw. Our table won a couple times and then we came home. I was suddenly exhausted and decided to stay in despite the plan to rubber up and head to Pumpjack for the Vancouver Men in Leather Social/Pump! night. I heard it was a lot of fun but I had to get some badly needed sleep.

Sunday I was feeling human again and had to stop by a girlfriend's hen party and then two birthday parties before crashing. What a weekend!

So, this week I'm trying to get some things done, though Wardog is coming over tonight and I have another rubber playdate with Xivenge™ on Friday. He wants me to tie him up....I have plans for the straightjacket and anal hook on him. He wants me to push his breath control limits and at some point dominate me. I am already looking forward to that. I think this guy's going to be a little bit of fun!!!

Whatsup and I are planning to get together again in the next few weeks and planning another fisting party at his playroom on the November 25 & 26 weekend. October and November rainy season is turning out to be pretty productive after all!

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