Monday, November 21, 2016

More Activity

I had another fun weekend, some of it surprisingly serendipitous and welcome.

On Thursday I picked up on a conversation I've been having with a handsome young stud, Tr0uble. I've been chatting with him since the spring but we've never had the opportunity to meet in person or get together. On Thursday he finally capitulated and agreed to come over after his spin class to play for awhile.

He showed up all sweaty and damp. I wasn't complaining at all! Incidentally he is even more handsome and sexy than the pics we have exchanged.

We proceeded to actually have a really fun evening. He apparently had a pretty fun time; he was going to come over again Friday evening while I was working, but somehow managed to cut off the end of his finger at work in the afternoon and had to cancel. I continue to try and find out how he's feeling; he sent me a couple of very nice pictures of his mashed up finger this morning.

So here's hoping Tr0uble is soon well enough to come over again. I would definitely like to get to know him better.

Friday night I had to work and went to bed after we were done given that my playdates were either damaging themselves or cancelling on me. I was playing in a curling bonspiel all day on Saturday anyways so it was good to be well rested as it was a pretty intense day.

Saturday night Xivenge™ and I got together as we had planned.  He came over in the early evening, we decided to rubber up and go out for awhile. We went to Fountainhead Pub for a bit of food and drinks, and of course everyone was taking notice of the two shiny rubbermen. People asked whether we were heading to an event, to which we responded, "no, we're just rubbered up because we can". This seem to baffle a lot of people, and some friends were even more baffled when we said we were just heading home afterwards....not going to Pumpjack or any other event that night. Xivenge™ had the same ideas I was time to play, why waste time and money at the bar?

We headed back to the condo, sat with Mr. P and had a few more drinks then I started bringing out gear for Xivenge™ to check out and try on. I had him put on the breathcontrol hood as he has a keen interest in BC but I think maybe it was a bit overwhelming for him. We tried out another couple hoods until he picked out the Polymorphe standard hood. Next to don was the straightjacket....this was what we had discussed putting him in earlier. I put the head bondage gear on him and put him in the sling.

It was our first time to do some assplay on him - considering I kept him in the sling for three hours, I don't think it was a bad experience for him! I ate out his ass for a good hour then as I promised him, I hooked him up to the asshook as well for a awhile as I worked his cock and balls then fucked him. Not too bad for a guy that claims to have a pretty inexperienced ass.

It was getting late by now, I got him out of the sling around 3:30 and we called it a night.

Pretty awesome stuff. Next time he wants more assplay, cock and ball and tit stimulation and some time in the sleepsack again. He's also supposed to be my mummification victim at the December Vancouver Rubbermen meet on December 3rd. He is keen to dominate me in the sling in the near future too so many more fun sessions with this sexy man are going to come.

I had to curl again on Sunday in our regular league. Wardog came over mid-evening over for a fun night of sex and fisting. We have such great sex together and this was no exception.

What's coming up? Wardog and Convivial are coming over on Friday night for a play session; Saturday I'm still trying to figure out whether Whatsup wants to play again or whether I am going to do social things with friends. I also have a few other guys queuing up to try rubber play, rubber bondage and fisting training.

What should be my priorities?! LOL

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