Friday, November 25, 2016

Exciting News!

  1. I heard earlier this week that my suits being made by Latexskin are complete and shipped this week. I'm so excited!

  2. I have officially submitted a request for vacation time April 15-30, 2017 in order to travel to London to visit a good friend, attend MRM8 in Manchester, and visit another good friend in Edinburgh, Scotland! I'm SO excited! I'm also inquiring into a couple custom suits from Invincible Rubber that will be ready for pickup in person when I show up for MRM8! I'm SO excited!

  3. Wardog, Convivial, and WhatsUp are all coming over tonight for some ffun! I'm SO excited!

  4. Xivenge™ and I have a rubber play date set for next Friday. I'm SO excited!

I am so lucky for all that I have; I'm am also finally feeling like I'm getting back to my old normal self. I'm also hopeful I can get a physical completed with my doctor and get a clean bill of health so that my bike accident case can finally start to get finalized.

Have a great weekend, y'all!

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