Tuesday, November 1, 2016


Well, that was a pretty fun week and weekend.

Tuesday after numerous attempts to get together for some piss play, I finally arranged to meet Lance at Steamworks. He's a big hairy stud who loves piss and diaper play. We both promised to 'tank up' for the meeting. We spent hours pissing on and in each other in a room and in the shower. It was really fun to enjoy a kink with a guy who gets a huge kick out of it, mostly because it really got me turned on too. Lance had said that he'd fist Wardog and I, but as Wardog wasn't feeling well, Lance and I fucked for awhile until we both got off and we pretty much wrapped up the night there. It was nice to get fucked by a nice big fat and long cock. It probably hasn't been that long, but it's felt like it lately.

Friday night I finally got to play with CPFFucker. It's been a long time in the making, for reasons I won't get into here. Needless to say, we were both looking forward to the opportunity to hook up again. I went over to his place around 6pm on Friday.

We immediately got to playing and spent the remainder of the night enjoying each other.  I got him to wear rubber for the first time; I think he liked it, as when I asked him whether he wanted to change part-way through the evening, he said he was fine with things the way they were. We are both pretty experienced fisters so that was the focus of the evening, no big surprise there. We actually got to apply different technique on each other that we didn't get to use the first times we got together, and I finally got to play the daddy role (he wanted it! LOL) and fuck him numerous times - the last time we played we were so focused on our asses that there was no fucking to be had! The fucks were great, the fists were even greater.

He managed to hit new depths in my guts, which elicited new sensations in me. I tried to describe the new sensations deep in my bowels as a person walking down steps...I didn't really know how else to verbalize it.

I had to take a few breaks here and there to process the new horizons we had achieved. We were well up to two-thirds of his forearm in me. We got to play with each other's toys and we enjoyed several rounds together on the two sizes of double-ended dildos I brought with me. Part of his depth technique on me was a diversion trick; as he was going deep, he was going wide, and as he would hit a new depth, he managed to get both fists in me as well.

Wow! I really enjoyed his slow-and-steady technique and communication through it; I'm looking forward to getting together with him again; part of the reason we got together on Friday was because through our communications it looks like we may not be able to put a nice long extended session together again until December so this was our opportunity to take an nice long relaxed period to get extremely piggy on each other. The wait was well worth it! We were both very happy at the end of it.

I fucked him again just before we had a third join us for about an hour after 2am, which was kind of weird (the short visit, that is), but this guy could take a fist for sure. Even though he claimed to be exclusive fist bottom, he took a nice vigorous turn on CPFFucker's ass before leaving. Why didn't I take video at this point?! Merde!

We were back on each other again after 3am, and I ended up crashing around 7am. I slept at his place until around 2:30pm when I got up and headed back over Burrard Bridge to downtown.

Mr P and I started prepping for the evening; I ran a bunch of stuff to the storage lockers and brought up some costume pieces that we needed for the night. We headed to friends places for pre-drinks around 6:30pm and we were in the bar at 8:45pm just before the huge lineup started. I didn't really want to be in the bar this early but I'm glad that we didn't get stuck in the lineup and it was a really great time with our group of friends. We really haven't been together in that number in a very long time so it was kinda special. It seems like the Shadow Falls Experience had really taken us away from our core group of friends this summer so it was nice to re-connect with everyone.

I wore a Morphskin muscle suit that Mr. P had found for me in a bargain bin six months or so ago; it went over pretty well.
Creepy or what?
I got comments on my muscle definition all night! LOL
I got home around 3am, and Mr. P was still out until he brought home some vagrants around 6am. I had to keep these goofballs entertained until 9am when I finally kicked them out. Mr. P had already passed out so I was a bit miffed that he left me to clean up his 'mess'. As it turned out, when I got home after the bar, I was still feeling a bit horny so I had rubbered up with catsuit, boots, gasmask and industrial gloves and was sort of in this state when the guys showed up from their night out. One of the guys was really keen to try on rubber, so I suited him up too.

Two rubber virgins in the same weekend...not bad!

Sunday was recovery day. I was going to wear another Morphsuit Alien that Mr. P found in a different bargain bin to Halloween Pub Trivia on Monday however I got stuck at appointments and didn't make it in home in time to change.

It's going to be a quiet week, I have a lot of errands to get done. We'll see if Wardog is feeling better this week to play, otherwise I might be laying low for a few days now as I'm not really in a mood to go hunting for anything that isn't easy to come by.

This weekend is the VRM November RAIN GEAR Meet. I realized a few days ago that we have tickets to the Prairie Fairies Fowl Supper on Saturday as well, so I either have to cut the Meet short so I can tear down equipment and get to the supper or leave the equipment with the guys to look after and pick up on Sunday.
It's a weird feeling this year not attending MIR or my family Xmas. I'm scrambling to get a gift package together to send to Alberta for my family in time for the festivities.

I had wanted Mr. P and I to head down to Texas to spend real Xmas and New Years (and incidentally, my 45th birthday) with my parents, but that's kinda fading out of the question now as the price is prohibitive.  Like, $1500CAD for the two of us to fly down to Brownsville from YVR.

Also, the plans to go to Manchester in April for Manchester Rubbermen 8 are in jeopardy as we might have to drop a couple grand in premiums for Mr. P's new prosthetic leg and pay off some of his debts. This all makes me sad, but staying close to home recently and in the near future hasn't been that bad of an alternative. I'm kinda getting used to the reality of having to stay home. Given how much the cost of living in Vancouver has skyrocketed over the past few years and the Canadian dollar has imploded, pretty much doing anything outside Canada has come under close scrutiny.

Maybe I'll end up going somewhere myself in early 2017 to celebrate surviving 45 years on this little rock. I really wish I could do something neat for my 45th birthday though....maybe planning a nice big rubber orgy would be just the thing? After all, I've always wanted to celebrate a milestone birthday with an actual birthday party for yours truly since most years I don't really get much of a birthday at all. Being the center of attention at an orgy might be just what I wished for! *evin grin*

On another front, what with the money tightness these days, a saving grace might be that our condo complex is being fawned over by five(!) real estate brokerage firms that want to take it to market to get developers to bid on the entire thing for new development. It is in a pretty iconic location in downtown, as a gateway property for entry into downtown off of Burrard Bridge. Currently there are 477 owners in three strata corporations in our complex and one commercial building; such a real estate deal with dissolution of stratas this size involving this many owners may be the biggest of its kind in British Columbia history to date.

Anyways, there's lot of salivating over this property in this property ownership-moist environment, and it would mean a very very nice return for us on any sale made, as the conservative estimates are that we will be offered at least a couple if not three times market value or four times assessed value for the properly. It's basically like winning the lottery so we'd be stupid not to do it. It's anything from a 18 month- to four year process to get this done, so lord knows what things will look like when (or if!) it actually happens!

Given the madness of the Vancouver real estate market, it sounds like a pretty sure bet; the only unknown is how much the deal is going to be worth and a lot of that depends on which developer wins the bid and how cozy they are with City Hall. It's all so political. Anyways, maybe some point in the mid-term furture, some of our financial challenges might be alleviated a bit, and that's definitely good news!

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