Tuesday, November 15, 2016

New Suit Options

It was during sessions this past weekend that I discovered how dishevelled my rubber collection is getting. I've done a bit of updating the past couple years but most of my rubber is now running into 4-8 years of existence and definitely showing its age. It's sad, I know, but also an opportunity to start looking towards the future and starting the saving game to start purchasing some new catsuits and playsuits.

Most of my catsuits have holes - either at the top of the rear zip or where the arms meet the torso...these are always the first places to go. The black Invincible .6mm playsuit, the red E7 fist suit, the Invincible surfsuit all need these repairs. The Libidex catsuits need their socks fixed and also holes in in the shoulder seams. The Regulation London shirt needs an arm fixed.

I also need some new accessories. New socks, toe socks...I'm still looking for a new bulldog harness in black leather with red trim.

So, as I'm waiting for my more 'practical' Latexskin catsuits to arrive (two piece suits vs. one-piece suits...see? I'm learning), I'm thinking of maybe a sleeveless catsuit for heavy play and a 'bum out' suit for heavy assplay.

Libidex' Hard and Heavy men's collection has a 'bum out' suit that I'm looking at.

And of course as I mentioned yesterday, I think it's time to look into getting a new sleeveless catsuit as I gave my last one to RubbNuck Jr. before we split up. It would be something I'd get in a 0.6mm for heavy play, similar to the E7 model.

I also want to see whether Paul at Invincible will create these two styles for me; would be easier to get from one place but also supporting my favorite men's latex store. Wish me luck!

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