Monday, November 7, 2016


It's interesting how sad I was not to make it to MIR20 this weekend as the posts on FB and show a lot of good times were had by all that attended. Instead of traipsing to Chicago with money I don't have, we ended up having a very busy weekend here at home, and I actually got more accomplished that I would have had I traveled out of town.

Friday evening a new play bud 'Whatsup?' came over for a fist and fuck session. We had a lot of fun and good chemistry; he had to work early on Saturday so we shut things down around 11:30pm. He's coming back on Friday (Remembrance Day stat) so I'm already looking forward to that. We will get into things early in the afternoon and go all night hopefully, and possible have a few others join us. I'm hoping Wardog might be able to come over for awhile in the evening, and I have another guy lined up that wants to come watch us fist each other. I told him he could come and watch if he does some video recording for us while he's here.

Saturday morning, I was up early to clean up a bit. I don't think I mentioned this before, but a few weeks ago I met up with a new arrival to the city for beers that is gunned to get involved in the rubber and kink community here. Xivenge™ and I grew up fairly close to each other's hometowns, so I felt a bit of kindred spirit with him and we initially hit it off very well. Did I mention that he's also tall, dark and handsome?

Anyways, he came over Saturday at noon for me to rubber him up in anticipation of the Vancouver Rubbermen November Rain Gear meet, and he had agreed to come with me and help me set up as I wanted to introduce him to the gang. We got everything ready and hung out and had a few beers with Pup Sushi and Barry before I had to leave early to get ready for the Prairie Fairy Fowl Supper fundraiser, so I left the demos in the competent hands of Barry, Pup Sushi, Xivenge™ and Andy.

So Xivenge™ told me he's 'officially in love with rubber' now and wants to experience much much more. We have a tentative plan to get together on Wednesday and let me rubber and tie him up. He still has the gear I lent him on Saturday so I expect it will be a bit more worn out once I get it back from him.

I'm really looking forward to it. Despite the fact he's 6.5" and won't fit into most of my rubber let alone the sleepsack or vac-bed, I will get him into something! He also wants to try the lube wresting in the vac bladders, which I haven't done in ages and have been dying to do with someone again, so that's definitely something I want to do with Xivenge™. I really hope that he's genuine in wanting to enjoy latex ecstasy as I would be happy to give it to him. It's been a very long time since I have come along a local guy who's is really into rubber and wants to stick around for awhile to experience rubber play with me.

Wardog's been on hiatus for the past few weeks, he was over Sunday evening to crash on the sofa and cuddle and watch a movie with Mr. P and I. I miss my fuck boy! He's hopefully going to come over on Tuesday. He's stressed out about the American Election; I told him since it really had nothing to do with him that he should just come over and I'll help alleviate his stress with a couple fists in his ass.

So yeah, back to the weekend. We had a wonderful time at the 17th annual (and final) Prairie Fairy Fowl Supper, a huge fundraiser for A Loving Spoonful and some other charities. We danced the night away there with 16 friends at our table, and then took the shuttle home. Mr. P went out with friends but I crashed as I was anticipating the photoshoots with InkedKenny on Sunday for Recon.

We arrived at Pumpjack for the first photoshoot at noon. There were five local pups and three Seattle pups involved in the first shoot, several fluffers and rubber polishers; many variations on themes were captured by Kenny and we were pretty much wrapped up by 3:30. 
Rubberpups(!) were front-and-center featured for the Recon Holiday photoshoot
I went home and napped, we were supposed to be at the second shoot at 6pm. I went over there (this one was at a private residence), got into full rubber, helped Figaro into his and did another festive shoot until 8:30. It was fun; I always love photoshoots as they are so out-of-the-ordinary for me. I look forward to seeing some of the final product online just in time for Xmas!
You can kinda figure out what's going on here....I was pouring sweat all over the place.
My sexy photoshoot crew :D
I got home, cleaned rubber, put stuff away and headed to bed to cuddle with Wardog and Mr. P.

Tonight I curl, tomorrow night is play night with Wardog, Wednesday night is rubber play night with Xivenge™, and Friday is the return of Whatsup. It's going to be a busy week! And even better, a short work week! I'm looking forward to it all!

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