Friday, July 8, 2016

Three Nights in the Playroom

I finally got some decent sleep last night after three nights in Tuchus and Wardog's playroom. I told you about Tuesday's awesome session....Wednesday night was brief but I still managed to fuck Wardog's sweet ass for awhile; I did this again last night right after work, then Wardog worked on my ass for an hour or so in the sling, then he hopped in the sling where I fucked him then we moved to the floor where I fucked him again. He then jumped on my fist for a long time, and we tried some big toys in him before we worked in the biggest toy we've had in him to date! One of those monster bullets - I haven't even had that big thing in me.

It was a huge turn-on...the boy's ass is getting hungrier and bigger, noticeably so in the past couple months. It was a lot of fun, I set a hard-stop time of 10pm so I could get home and do some packing for Shadow Falls and watch Jim Jefferies new comedy special.

Got the van packed up this morning; Mr P and another friend are heading up there this morning, I'm catching a ride with M after work. Almazmol is heading up tomorrow morning with the football gear, which he is intent on putting on M and I and chariot riding us tomorrow night in gear. I think we'll need to sequester (as usual) a competent photographer to get some great shots of the action!

Have a great weekend; I'll write up a report (with pics!) on Monday. Here's pic of me from last weekend with my pretty BBQ apron on sans clothing. I love clothing optional camping! :D

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