Monday, July 4, 2016


Haha I know you guys like to hear what I've been up to on the play front; I've been a bit coy about that lately but here goes:

The Vancouver Men in Leather retreat June 17-19 was a lot of fun. Friday night I didn't get into too much trouble. Saturday I fucked K in the sling for a bit of time in the afternoon, but Saturday evening when everyone was in play mode, I got fisted by R in one of the slings, then A and R put me in the sleepsack and blindout hood under the rim chair where I got to work on a few buttholes...that was SO much fun.

The guys were going to bed so instead of staying in the sack I opted to get out and try some other things. At the end of the night I ended up sucking on P's cock for awhile, then he started fucking me. It was pretty late by this time and not many people were still up. However J came into the room later, got turned on and the two of them took turns fucking me. It was super hot. We stayed up and chatted until late into the night then called it.

June 22 & 23, Wardog was over on Wednesday AND Thursday for a couple of wonderful sessions including a short visit from my friend RedBootBottom on Wednesday, visiting for work from Toronto. As Mr. P was already up at Shadow Falls, Wardog spent the night on Thursday and we had more fun on Friday morning. I can't wait for him to (hopefully) come back tomorrow night to pick up where we left off! I'll find out tonight what his availability is, either Tuesday or Wednesday (or both) this week. We have such good chemistry; it is always mind-blowing sex with him.

I didn't get into a lot of trouble last weekend. An exhibitionist guy from Mission came out to visit me on June 30 for some fun in the afternoon...I have pictures to prove it haha; I had wanted to arrange something for him to return on Friday for a group play session but it didn't work out. Maybe he'll swing by again soon!

Yesterday Mr. P and I spit roast another camper just as we were packing up to leave back to the city. I can now say that the gazebo is christened.....

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