Thursday, July 7, 2016


I had a great session with Wardog and Tuchus on Tuesday.

It ended up being a close to eight-hour session....the bodies were feeling great, the holes were hungry and the playarea was well-equipped.

We each got to have about an hour-long session being the focus of attention in the sling. I really wanted these guys to dominate my hole at the same time....just a scene and sensation of pure sluttiness I've been craving for awhile. They had both of their hands in me and took turns punching in and out in succession. They also did some great depth work with the Slink and several large dildos.

I took a turn on each of them before we got the idea to work on each other simultaneously. We moved to the floor into a closed fisting daisy chain. This went on for a long time uninterrupted, eventually one of the guys would have to get up to go piss or refresh the poppers or whatever, while they were gone the other two would close the gap with an intermission fisty-nine until the third returned.  Then we switched sides and did the same thing to the guy on our right rather than our left....everyone got a full workout.

Wardog really wanted to fist us both at the same time, so ended the session with a 90-minute long chariot ride....Wardog dominating both of his Men, the two of us on the floor in rubber and gasmasks and he sitting behind us at the perfect access angle. Lots of depth and punching....

We did at bit of cleanup at the end of the evening, it was late, I headed home. It was a fucking hot piggy session, such a great evening.

Yesterday evening I met up with a previous playbud, CPFFucker, who has recently moved to Vancouver for a couple of beers and conversation. He's a bit overwhelmed with the move and such at the moment but we've committed to getting together again soon to play. The last time was so much fun! Aftewards, I returned to Tuchus' place to pick up some of the toys I left behind and ended up fucking Wardog for a little while. We spent most of the evening cuddling and cooking until Tuchus came home from work. We sat up and chatted for an hour or so together before I went home again with my gear.

I've been invited over again tonight, we'll see what transpires.

This weekend is SF again; it's supposed to be rainy but Almazmol and M are both supposed to be coming up so I'm inspired to see how well the sling fits into the new gazebo for some late-night slingwork.

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