Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Rubbout 24 Reviews

Wow wow wow, what a weekend! That's all I can say! I think this was my favorite Rubbout yet - at least from an organizer perspective. The events and venues all had great attendances, and that Play Party at 8x6 on Saturday night? WOW, it'll be talked about for some time to come. It was so sexy, you could smell the testosterone in the air....when's the last time we had a gay sex party like that in Vancouver??!

Anyways, back at work now; there's lots more info and pics to come. The official set of photos were sent to Rubberzone on Monday so I hope an event feature gets up on as soon as possible.

We will start leaking other photos from the weekend on and Facebook in due time. Everyone's still recovering and assessing the situation.

Updates to come, obviously.

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RbbrWiZrD said...

Great weekend guys! So looking forward to #25 next year. And yes Reid, the Sat.night party was in-sane! So much rubber testosterone in that one space. It was awesome! Congrats again, and Best Wishes for next year's RUBBOUT.
Bill - Founder of Rubbout