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Rubbout 24: Industrial Revolution Review

Here is the official writeup you will see on Rubberzone.com, and in red in between are my personal notes.

Rubbout 24: Industrial Revolution, the 2015 edition of the men's rubber and fetish weekend in Vancouver, BC was held April 2-5. An energetic crowd of rubbermen and their admirers from all over North America attended. Occurring over the Canadian Easter long weekend, things kicked off Thursday night with a small crowd of shiny creatures Mustering at Pumpjack Pub and eventually making their way to the RUFFEaster party at The Pint later in the evening.

Thursday night after work, CutelyPerverted and I rubbered up and headed to Pumpjack. We walked in and a few of the guys were already there. We hung out and socialized, I think we peaked out around a dozen guys, however some left since they had just rolled into town and wanted to unpack and relax. Some of the guys wanted to stick around PJ instead of doing an Invasion, however a couple of the out-of-towners wanted to head out and check out more of the scene, so we made an executive decision to head to RUFFEaster. Five of us hopped in two cabs and headed over to Gastown. 

When we got there, there was a lineup and the Pint was busy. It wasn't fetish-y or gear-y at all, a few harnesses and jockstraps here and there but pretty much everyone was dressed in casuals. Yawn, Vancouver, you bore me sometimes. Cyclepup and I hung out there, I chatted with a bunch of friends and we cabbed back to Davie Village around 1am. Bedtime.

Friday a group of the attendees got together in the afternoon for brunch and a visit to FanExpo Vancouver before getting ready for Rubbout 24 Registration, Meet and Greet and the Rub On Rub Off Party at Pumpjack Pub in the evening. The Rubbout crew did a great job of decorating the newly-expanded bar and getting the crowd of sexy men pumped up for the weekend. Over 400 people came through the doors of the pub that evening.

Friday was a very busy day. I was at Fountainhead rubbered up at noon to have brunch and then head to FanExpo. A group of the guys from Seattle were already there, Bill H was waiting for his group to arrive, I sat with Cyclepup and our friend from Minnesota, and then the Moose Jaw Crew arrived. We all ate, and then the group of us heading to the Convention Centre headed downtown together. It was raining a bit so the guys (Umbrella Corporation soldiers, ironically) wanted to head back to the hotel to grab umbrellas then we went.

It was relatively quick to get into FanExpo, only a few lines for wristbands and such. The actual Exhibition Hall where the event was was smaller than I thought it would be, but in a few hours the place was very packed. There was lots of retail - comics, books, games, gaming devices, fantasy and sci-fi replicas, models, costumes, masks, lots of animation and artists selling prints, a long table for all the special guests to sit for autographing, and on and on. The guys I went with were quite enjoying themselves; I figured that I could cut out early and head down to 8x6 to do some setting up since I was getting tired and kinda bored...I can appreciate how much some people would really appreciate an event like this, but it really wasn't my style. I'm glad I went to check it out myself, however.

I headed home to change to civvies again, went down to 8x6 and set up all the demos and helped out wherever I could, running stuff back and forth between 8x6, Pumpjack, and Rob's place until 6:30 or so, then stopped in at Pumpjack on last time before heading home to chill for a couple hours. I started getting ready around 8, and James and I got to PJ around 9. Mr. P joined us later. Some of our friends and many of the Rubbout attendees were already there. We ended up doing a short program, the early-bird registration draw and a Best Rubber contest before DJ Del Stamp started the music. The rest of the evening was socializing and flirting. The place looked and felt terrific until 12:30 or so, the gear guys started going home and even though the place stayed busy it became increasingly demin-and-cotton-ey. Mr. P, James and I headed home around 1am. I was told on Sunday there were 325 or so through the door that night paying cover, plus the 70 weekend passes meant almost 400 inside.

Saturday morning was the start of the annual Rubbout Gear Swap. In the afternoon, Van-PAH hosted Puppybowl II while the Rubbout and Vancouver Men in Leather guys did some bondage demos in the back of the bar. Everything was all under one roof this year which led to a great time had by all!

I got to Pumpjack around 1pm, dressed in my transparent blue catsuit. When James and I got there, the Gear Swap had just opened and it was BUSY. I wasn't initially sure where to set up our vac-tower and stuff so we hung out for awhile. Around 2pm things had quieted down enough that we moved everything into the gear swap area. Meanwhile the pups were starting the Puppybowl II and I had convinced K55 and a friend from Seattle to be my initial bondage victims. We put K55 into the sleepsack and a few of the guys play with him while I set up the tower. Eventually we put T into it and this attracted a few more guys over to check out and massage his impressive cock. Lots of fun, we switched out a few more guys, then got K55 out of the sleepsack and a few more guys in the tower. Suddenly it was almost 5pm, we tore down the stuff pretty quickly, KSG and I hauled more stuff down to 8x6, set up, then went home to eat and relax a bit again.

Saturday evening, the men found themselves at the 8x6 Social Playspace for a Rubber play party. Over 125 men attended and thoroughly enjoyed themselves in the social, demo and play areas.

Kinx and I went ahead of Mr. P to 8x6. When I showed up at 9:45 there were already a few guys there. I immediately went into working the vac-demo area, and pretty much did so until close to midnight, when I stopped, finally had a few drinks and checked out the play area. For the first time in a long time, there was the distinctive smell of man musk in the air as the party swelled to 125+ and the play was starting to get pretty hard-core. It was amazingly sexy around 1am when it seemed like men in gear were having sex all around me. I landed upon Cumpigcub and we decided to team fist Profist. We put our paws in him at the same time, then interchanged and back and forth for awhile, then I took a turn with Profist in the sling, then by that time it was 2am and most of the crowd had cleared out. K55 and I took another round in the sling, and then Kinx, Mr. P and I went home. We stayed up late playing some more, and I went to bed around 5:30, leaving the other two to play into the early morning.

Sunday the Rubbout crew hosted a Wrap-Up party at Pumpjack with a singer and comedians and of course announced the winners of the raffle draws and gave closing announcements and thank yous. Afterward a hearty group landed in Steamworks Spa for the Swell Source Watersports party which officially wrapped up the weekend.

I was at Pumpjack by noon with Kinx. We got some stuff arranged for the Watersports party, enjoyed the entertainers, I said a few thank yous and words on stage as did Rob, we did the Raffle prize draws with Chris and basically wrapped it up. We got a ride to Steamworks at 2:30, had the lube pool set up by 3, and we played until 5 or so, Kinx went home and I headed home in the other direction. I laid down for awhile, still every aroused, so went to Pumpjack and had beers with friends until late evening, then home to bed.

I am SO happy how things turned out this year. We had a few glitches here and there that were effectively unnoticed by the attendees, and we've already discussed the things that worked and the things that didn't. I think the schedule will run basically the same next year, but I think we should bring back the brunch, and highlight the 'social' aspect of the Meet and Greet on Friday night. I couldn't have been happier with the Play Party, though I heard later there were a few things that could've been improved. Like, why was 8x6 charging for lockers? Anyways, things to improve for next year, and given this was the first year that we'd done all of this in the format we went with this year I feel it generally went pretty well :)

A big thanks goes out to those who attended the events on the weekend, everyone involved in preparations for the event, the event sponsors including RubberZone, and of course the fantastic volunteers who helped make everything run so smoothly over the weekend. It was the best Rubbout yet! No rest for the wicked, however....the Rubbout boys are busy preparing for their next events on Vancouver Fetish Weekend in July and of course the BIG party - RUBBOUT 25: ELEMENTAL to be held April 1-3, 2016! Hope to see you there!

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