Thursday, April 30, 2015


Man oh man, do I ever LOVE to receive messages from guys that follow Rubber Canuck. I gotta say,  it makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside when guys tell me how much they appreciate the content of the blog, particularly the ones who have been following me for YEARS, and then even moreso, the guys who have been influenced to experiment with latex or their sexuality because of it.

I also appreciate the guys who send me tantalizing pictures of themselves in shiny tight stuff (I ALWAYS APPRECIATE THIS), and then allow me to share it with the guys that follow this paltry blog.

These are from P, a powerlifter. I'm sure he suspected that these pics of his thunderous thighs in tights would get me going! Thank you P!!!

P....I just wanted you to know, with this post, April 2015 ends up being my record post month....49 in one month! You should be proud being the hot content for such a feat! HAHAHA

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