Monday, April 13, 2015


I had a great weekend of play with Mr. P and K55. Friday night K55 and I went home after a few at the bar to play for the evening, not super-late as K55 had to work Saturday. Mr. P and I continued the fun for a few more hours, but Saturday evening K55 and I rubbered up and finally got to a proper Sin City party, then we came home and played again all night. It was lots of fun!

I'm planning to put up a few videos of my nights with M and K55 on Xtube very soon.

Mr. P and I went out with friends yesterday afternoon. It was KSG's bday brunch Sunday morning. Mr. P and I went out in the afternoon to meet friends at Pumpjack, where I ran into a bunch of other friends....Sunday Beer Bust truly is our community get-together!

Afterwards five of us went to another friend's place to watch the first episode of Season Five of Game of Thrones. All in all a great weekend!

I still owe you guys a review of Rubbout 24 and I'm also starting to reach out for some preliminary plans for Rubbout 25 already. Things never end!

Here is the latest update for the Fuck-it List:

1. Double-ended dildo ride with double penetration on top
✓2. Fisting chariot rides
3. Fisting 3-way
4. Double fisting
✓5. Sitting on single fist from above/sling bar
6. Sitting on double fist from above/sling bar
✓7. Spit roasting on the sling
✓8. Spit roasting in the vac-cube
✓9. Vac-cube with new electro box
✓10. Fucking daisy chain
11. Fisting daisy chain
✓12. Ball crushing and stretching in sling
✓13. Vac-cube 2-man bondage
✓14. Vac-cube 2-man breathplay
✓15. Vac-cube fisting
16. Mummification with wrap and tape
✓17. Sleepsack and electro
✓18. Spreader bar bondage with breathplay
✓19. Straightjacket with breathplay
✓20. Piss enemas

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