Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Learning How to Intubate

Is it weird that I get a medical fetish buzz from this?

These videos show intubation administration to army volunteers. Do not try this at home unless trained in intubation with proper equipment!

Just an FYI - the guy in the second video doesn't insert the tube properly. The tube is made for the right nostril and you start it upside down then rotate it 180 degrees after it is started. That way is no where near as painful as it moves it gently into the sinus cavity instead of forcing its way past the tissue (thats generally what causes it to bleed).

I would LOVE to see this done on a completely rubberized bondage sub on a video someday. Anyone want a guinea pig? Expressing my ultimate rubber bondage fantasy includes nasopharyngeal and gastrointestinal intubation, anal intubation and catheterization, ultimately having all biological systems under control by outside processes. A rubber bondage master could have control of air, food, drugs, and sexual devices administered. I still need to find another on-line copy of the 'FABLE: Ultimate Rubber Fantasy' story so you can all read what I'm thinking about. :)

Bizarre? Yes. Reasonable? Maybe not. Hot rubberization internally and externally? Definitely!

Refer to "The Patient" vids on YouTube here and here. Don't watch any of the other ones, they suck.

I think since I haven't seen the story online for awhile, I might just have to post an electronic copy here. I feel kinda weird about it, since I don't have any way to credit it. Maybe that will come naturally once it's out there and searchable again :)


DaddyDonTpa said...

You are not alone in the intubation fantasies. Would love to have an LMA inserted and be put on a vent, nasogastric feeding tube, urinary catheter and anal catheter complete control of all my body functions.

Tynan Fox said...

Oh, Reid.... :D

All you need is a good, well trained rubber medical professional who has experience with all of these procedures and access to all of the equipment. And I just don't know where you could find one of those in the upper Midwest. *grin*

And just for the record, those videos aren't of a real intubation. Those are just devices for assisting in keeping the airway open. A REAL intubation means a breathing tube slipped in the trachea past the vocal chords. So while the tube is in, all air goes in and out of it, and the person who's intubated can't talk.


Speedoguru said...

Oh, Tynan :D

I looked around on this a bit yesterday and found that endotracheal intubation is the primary way that breathing is established medically. Thanks for pointing out that the nasopharyngeal is not the primary way breathing is established. This is my fantasy, however, AND (cheap plug) once you have read the entire "FABLE" story you will understand why I thought complete intubation through both channels will be necessary for total internal rubberization of a rubber sub. Once you have read the techniques described in the story, please let me know whether they're physically/medically possible and we can arrange for you to perform them on me. Whee! :)

Cam820 said...

I can perform self intubation with an et tube, and have been looking for someone to dominate me whilst intubation. Interested??

Speedoguru said...

Where are you?

Anonymous said...

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