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FABLE: Chapter Two

Part 2
Hans had equipped himself with a clip-board and paper, together with a variety of measuring devices ranging from a simple tailor's tape, to calipers and even a micrometer. The measuring began; at first it was the usual basic data that was noted, but before the evening was over, Hans had measured not only the diameter of every orifice, the exact size of Tom's head, and the size of his testicles, but every finger and every toe, joint by joint. The measuring was punctuated by calculations of angles and contours where appropriate, the whole process occupying several hours. Hans was concentrating hard on his work, recording every detail meticulously, and spoke only when he wanted Tom to adjust his position. To Tom it seemed that Hans had undergone a metamorphosis - gone was the smile, and the courteous manner - the serious professional had taken over, and Tom realised that he was a little in awe of this new Hans.

When it was over, and every conceivable measurement had been taken and recorded, Tom was told to dress and reminded to return the following Monday. Hans left Tom to find his own way out without further comment.

Every Monday thereafter Tom attended as instructed. He underwent many sessions during which wax impressions were made of every part of his anatomy, including his mouth; no part of him went unrecorded. He was made to give samples of urine, blood and saliva. On several occasions he was given an electro-cardiograph; on others he had an electro- encephalograph. Tom was not slow to realize that these more searching investigations always followed any test which excited him sexually. The very intensity of the whole process he was undergoing stimulated Tom's erotic imagination; it seemed that Richard wanted a fully scientific profile of his physical and emotional reactions to certain stimuli. He was beginning to grasp that Richard really was going to take him to the very limit of his tolerance and beyond. The prospect filled him with elation.

Most of the sessions were with Hans alone; occasionally Karl would be present to assist. It was clear to Tom that Hans was the senior of the two, apart from that there was no indication of what relationship, if any, existed between the two. They behaved towards each other as professional colleagues. So far as their relationship with Richard was concerned; it appeared, superficially, that they were nothing more to him than trusted employees.

The whole set-up fascinated Tom. He found himself imagining that these two had begun their relationship, whatever it was, with Richard in similar circumstances to those in which he now found himself. Certainly they gave nothing away; conversation was limited to the job in hand. Tom was disappointed that they had offered no information about the purpose of the tests they carried out, despite the fact that Richard had hinted that they might do so. His own observations only led him to suppose that he would at some stage be kitted out in a rubber suit that would fit extremely well, and that because the so-called 'Great Occasion' was going to be of extended duration, Richard with his medical background, was being ultra cautious about the health-related tests. The outstanding feature about these two, from Tom's vantage point, was their immaculate self-discipline. They were so controlled that Tom found himself speculating for hours about the true nature of their relationship with Richard. He knew instinctively that it was something very deep and complex.

One evening, after several weeks of tests, Tom received the first indication that things were moving to toward a climax.

He was dressing after a session of tests with Hans, and was ready to leave when the German said, "I have some special instructions for you from the Doctor. First there is a list of foods that you should avoid from now on. You are to take no alcohol, or any drugs either recreational or for medication. If you develop any symptoms that would normally lead you to consult your own doctor, you are first of all to telephone the number included with the diet sheet. Finally, there is to be no sexual activity whatever, not even masturbation; the Doctor is most emphatic about this. He expects you to continue your habitual regimen of exercise, but that you should also ensure that you get plenty of rest, retiring early each night from now on. You will attend as usual next Monday, which will almost certainly be the last time. I will have some news for your then. Goodnight, Tom."
Sitting there in the ante-room, awaiting he knew not what, Tom recalled the frisson of excitement that gripped him that night. Despite Richard's instructions he was unable to sleep. The exciting prospect ahead made his whole body tingle; the weeks of tests had shown him only a glimmer of what was to take place, but his natural intelligence told him he was in for an incredible rubber experience, for why else would such a man as Richard take so much trouble. His cock gave him no peace. It was permanently erect, and its constant throbbing distracted his mind as well as his body. He exercised all his will-power and managed only by super-human effort to refrain from wanking. He was convinced that no submissive ever endured such torment, especially by proxy.

When Tom arrived at the house the following Monday it was Karl who answered the door. Karl received him with a wide grin; gone now was the detached professionalism of the past few weeks. Karl's whole manner suggested unbounded joy at seeing Tom again, although his verbal greeting was the customary politeness he always displayed. Tom was taken straight to the study where Hans was seated at Richard's desk.

Hans wasted no time on preliminaries or greeting, "There is no work tonight. All tests are now complete and satisfactory." His voice was flat, he did not smile, nor did he invite Tom to sit. "The Doctor requires you to be here on Friday of next week at three. You should be prepared to remain at the Doctor's disposal until late on the following Sunday. You will need a period of recovery, and the Doctor suggests that you arrange to keep the Monday and Tuesday following free for this purpose. Do any of these requirements create problems for you?"

Tom shook his head and Hans continued, "You are to eat nothing solid after ten on the preceding Thursday evening, and you will take no liquids after noon on the Friday; this is essential for your subsequent well- being. You may go."

Hans's dismissal had been almost brusque, in contrast with the warm friendliness of Karl's welcome earlier. Tom reflected once again on how, gradually, attitudes had changed since his first visit. For an instant he felt almost rejected, but his thoughts soon turned to what lay ahead, and the gnawing excitement he had been living with for so long re-asserted itself, and he tried, as best he could, to continue his life normally.

After a restless night, Tom rose. No breakfast; his stomach was churning, partly from hunger and partly from a mixture of emotions, indefinable now that the actual day had arrived. When he got downstairs and found a letter on Richard's distinctive stationery, his stomach stopped churning. He hesitated before opening it, terrified that at the last moment everything had been cancelled. If his hands had not been trembling so much he would have ripped the envelope open; as it was, his fingers would not obey his brain, and telling himself to 'get a grip', he took a knife and slowly slit the envelope. As he withdrew the paper a key dropped out.

He read,
Tom - Today is the day we have both worked long and hard for; you have proved to be a fine candidate -so far! Ahead of you are some incredible rubber experiences. I urge you to make the most of them, and to savor fully each delight as it is presented to you. Some of the preparation may have seemed long-winded, unnecessary even. You are soon to discover what extreme rubber experience is all about. I must caution you about the various emotions that will assail you. There will be moments of terror - it will give way to ecstasy. Pain will become pleasure; exhaustion will become exhilaration - just go with it, you are in good hands.

Enclosed is the key to my house. Let yourself in, lock the latch and leave the key on the table. You know the way to my study; go in and on my desk you will find an electronic switch pad, similar to a TV remote control. There is only one button. Point the pad at the bookcase and press. The bookcase will open, go through and downstairs to the basement. The door will close behind you automatically. When you get downstairs, go through the black door ahead of you. Strip, put your clothing on the bench - and wait.

Good luck, and as one who hungers for rubber to another, 'bon appetit!'

Here he was - waiting.
Silently, the double doors opened. Tom had been momentarily lost in his own thoughts while gazing at his reflection in the mirror opposite the bench. He first saw the movement in the corner of his eye. Slightly startled, he turned his head to see, standing in the entrance, two figures in identical rubber gear. Involuntarily his jaw dropped, and for a few seconds he gaped at the two rubber creatures. They advanced into the room a few paces. One figure was slightly bigger than the other; both had very athletic bodies.

Tom stood up, remembering at last to pull himself together and shut his mouth. Standing there stark naked, he felt very vulnerable, and slightly ridiculous. The smaller man stopped just inside the doors, which had swung to behind them. The larger man approached Tom, and placing his rubber hands on his shoulders, exerted gentle downward pressure to indicate that Tom was to resume his seat. By now Tom had collected his wits, and he realised that the two rubber figures were Hans and Karl.
The suits they wore fitted every contour of their bodies perfectly, and Tom was quick to notice that the rubber moved with them. There were no ripples or creases; it behaved exactly as an extra layer of skin. He had only seen such anatomically perfect rubber gear portrayed in drawings, and these two were no drawing.

As usual, it was Hans who took the lead, while Karl waited just inside the doors. Hans turned and crossed the room to one of the steel lockers, from which he took a small plastic box. Returning to Tom, he opened the box, and turning Tom's head to one side, inserted a rubber plug into his left ear, then placed another in his right ear. He inspected them closely, and took some care to set them snugly in Tom's outer ears. When satisfied that he had fitted them correctly, Hans stepped back a pace, and with one hand made a movement to his own waist. Over his suit he wore a thin rubber belt on which were a number of small square tabs. He pressed one and instantly Tom could hear electronic 'noise' in his ears, faint, like the few seconds of a tape running before the recorded sound begins.

Hans's voice came into his ears, "Hi, Tom, you will have guessed it is me, Hans, and that is Karl. The plugs in your ears are very high- tech. First of all they are pure rubber, as will be everything that comes into contact with your body from now on. Embedded in the rubber are tiny receivers, we can talk to you and to each other. For the moment you cannot talk to us, but later, when you have been fully dressed and equipped, you will be able to. We are wearing the same plugs that you have, but because they totally exclude all sound from outside, we cannot hear anything you say until you are properly equipped, which will be soon. We can give you all kinds of sounds in your ears, and more importantly, when we want to we can give you deep and total silence. You will find that experience quite unlike anything you have known before. I need to know if your plugs are seated comfortably because you will be wearing them for a long time. Nod if they are OK."

Tom nodded.

Hans's voice had never sounded so friendly, and although he could not feel relaxed; he was far too excited, nonetheless the friendly, almost matey tones of Hans' voice had made him feel much more at ease and he began to absorb some of the detail of the rubber gear the two men wore.

Hans obviously sensed Tom's interest, and paused before him to allow him to take a long look. The suits were of fine grade latex; what puzzled Tom was that although they were made of heavy gauge material, the suits behaved as though they were made of light gauge latex. Every inch of flesh was covered; the hands appeared to be covered in black surgical gloves, so close was the fit. Their feet were encased in calf- length boots made entirely from moulded rubber. The suits had been so expertly crafted, that instead of the customary crude sheaths for their dicks, the impression was that their dicks were made from solid black rubber, so closely did the rubber follow every contour. Both men were well-hung; each had an erection.

The whole outfit seemed to Tom to be totally integrated; he could see no point at which gloves or boots were joined to the main suit. The head gear particularly excited Tom. Very tight hoods made of the same rubber as the suits, and also apparently integrated. Both men wore gasmasks which were secured by a series of thick heavy-duty black rubber straps. The masks were fitted with oval eye-pieces which slanted slightly upward at the outer edge. Hans's eye-pieces were black, and Tom was unable to see Hans's eyes, which he found just a little unnerving. Karl's mask had mirrored eye-pieces, and so far as Tom could tell, this was the only respect in which the two men's gear differed.

Corrugated rubber tubes were connected to the mask beneath each eye-piece. The tubes hung in provocative loops almost to the shoulders, passed over and behind to join at a Y-tube which was attached to the top of a black rubber bladder located between the shoulder blades. The rubber bladder was slung vertically in the centre of Hans's back, and from the bottom of the bladder protruded a short length of corrugated rubber tube which joined a regulator and two small cylinders which lay across the lower back. Between the cylinders and the regulator was a network thin smooth black rubber tubes. One tube connected the cylinders to the regulator while the others appeared to be welded into the suit itself. The whole apparatus was secured by a harness of thin but robust rubber strapping.

Hans turned so that Tom could have a really good look at the gear. Tom noticed a small gold padlock at the nape of Hans's neck at the point where the two main straps of the gasmask converged. The lock was open and swung from its hasp as Hans moved.

He turned back to face Tom and said, "Our suits are the same as the one you will soon be wearing. The latex is a special surgical grade; it’s very elastic and extremely strong. They are made by a craftsman friend of the Doctor's, and as you can see, they fit very well. They look very tight on us, but in fact, as you will discover, there is no constriction. The suits are very comfortable, and we can wear them for days on end without discomfort or ill-effect. What you see before you is the heavier over-suit. There is a very thin under suit next to the skin. The two facing surfaces of each suit are coated with a compound which eliminates any friction between the two layers, which is why we can move about so freely and still look as if we have rubber skin. You can understand now, Tom, why there had to be so much measuring during your weekly visits. The hoods gloves and boots are integrated; it is one unit which we enter from the back. Under my breathing gear there is a seal. The suits are air-conditioned, and although our breathing gear may look simple, I can assure it is very sophisticated. You may think we wear it only for the overall effect, but I assure you it is very necessary. As I said just now, we can and frequently do, wear these suits for days on end. Your own rubber experience will have taught you that while to be totally encased in rubber is wild, nevertheless, after a few hours you can become very uncomfortable because of the sweat, and also because long periods when the surface of the skin is deprived of oxygen result in a feeling of lethargy."

Tom nodded as Hans went on, "We are breathing pure oxygen in these masks, and we are totally isolated from the natural atmosphere. Every square millimeter of our bodies is covered in rubber; we have been in our suits already for several hours and we are quite fresh because our suits are linked to our breathing gear which helps our suits to 'breathe' as well. There are dozens of tiny tubes, like capillaries, welded into the inner suit. Each tube is pin-pricked and can be inflated. The movement is so slight that you barely notice it. Our breathing gear is electronically controlled. It can be set to give us the required amount of oxygen we need, in addition every few seconds it sends a minute pulse of oxygen through the suits to enable our own skin to 'breathe', and it also has a reverse action so that the sweat we produce is scavenged away."

Hans turned his back to Tom again, "Take a look, Tom; I have a large butt-plug in me. The outer surface is made of pure rubber, but the plug contains a mixture of heavy silicon which gives it the exact texture of flesh, rather like the inserts women have implanted in their breasts in cosmetic surgery. For us, however, the important thing is that this material can be made to vibrate for several seconds after an electrical pulse is shot through it. My breathing gear has a small electric coil built into it and is programmed to pulse every twenty seconds. I am kept continually aware of my arse."

Tom was fascinated by the cunning design of the gear, and the sight of the black rubber bladder on Hans's back gently pulsating as he breathed drove him wild, and he thought his rampant dick would burst.

Hans faced Tom again, "Look closely at the base of my dick; you will see that built into the rubber there is a reinforced rubber ring which goes right round the base of my dick; there is another which goes round the top of my balls. These rings act just like ordinary cock- rings, but with a difference. They are also controlled electronically from the breathing gear, and pulsate every few seconds, quite imperceptibly, but we can feel it like a contraction, and it keeps our dicks erect at all times. These rings also have another function, but more about that later on. Time now to kit you out in some gear."


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