Tuesday, June 14, 2011

FABLE: The Ultimate Rubber Fantasy

A lot of your pervs have been asking for a source of this story, and it seems that the original one has disappeared. I am also not sure about some of the mirrors since I never did bookmark them. Fortunately about five years ago, I downloaded the story in it's entirety and generated an electronic copy and hard copy of the story for my own enjoyment. Now I think it is time to resurrect the online version of this story. It is the best rubberman fantasy story I have ever read and was pivotal in the pervy rubber awakenings in me. For that reason, I am going to post a chapter of the story weekly for the next 20 weeks. Just like a rubber dom top, I love to keep you all in suspense. It's only appropriate, yes? ;)

So that being said, I will post the first chapter this Friday followed by chapters each Friday after until you have the entire story. It is hot and I am sure many of you will get your jollies from reading it.

For reference and kudos, the information I have for the story is the following:

Title: FABLE
Sub-title: The Ultimate Gay Rubber Fantasy
Author: Oxygenmaskman (John Cooper)
originally posted at: http://www2.daku.org:8084/px/anon/fable/index.htm

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