Tuesday, June 28, 2011

A Great Lay!

From 3XL:
Jens Vogt, the owner of Demask Dortmund / SeriousToys STS, has created World’s first rubber Sling.

Jens explains: “Until now high quality Slings were always made of leather. On the one hand I don’t like leather as much as I adore rubber, but on the other hand leather is not as suitable for building slings as rubber can be. Rubber is much easier to clean and can be way stronger if it contains the right reinforcement. I had to create something new!”

Result is the SeriousToys STS Sling, a comfortable Sling in two sizes build for eternity. The shape of the sling is anatomically correct and all edges are nicely rounded. The long lasting rubber contains two strong layers of kevlar. It takes several tons to tear the Sling apart
and a dynamic load of 400kg is guaranteed. Also new is the mounting: Two stainless steel brackets and screws clamping each of the five corners.

Technical data:
- Weight: 4.8kg (XL 5.9kg)
- Size: 122cm x 75cm x 6.5mm (XL 122cm x 95cm x 6.5mm)
- Ceiling support: 4-point, rectangular 1.5m x 2.5m
- Pack size: rolled-up 14cm x 75cm (XL 14cm x 95cm)
- Incl. tension belt for transportation

The price of the Sling is 349,- (XL 429,-) Euro incl. VAT and can be ordered Europe-wide postage free at Demask Dortmund.

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