Tuesday, December 6, 2016


Last weekend was relatively calm compared to the previous one, however still a pile of fun.

Friday night, Wardog was over for a brief session. He left me riled up so I ended up playing with toys by myself until 2:30 or so...along with condom breathplay, tubing and tight collars...

Saturday I got up and got stuff collected for the Vancouver Rubbermen Jingle Balls meet and Xmas party at Pumpjack. We ended up having a lot of fun, we got one of the rubbermen mummified in pallet wrap and duct tape which was appreciated by the mob.

Afterwards I went home for awhile, peeled off my rubber, got ready to go out for a friend's birthday party. It was a late night....I didn't feel very well Sunday morning but got up for our noon curling game which we ended up winning.

Came home, napped, talked to Xivenge™....he wasn't feeling up to playing, so we went out for food and drink and rescheduled our next rubber playdate to this Friday. I will be working from home that day so I'm encouraging him to come over early so I can wrap him up tightly in rubber immobilized while I finish work, then get him into the sling later on. I want him over early as I can't keep him too late because Mr. P and I have to go over to Vancouver Island on Saturday for family matters, then I have to be back on Sunday again.

In other great news, I have a new boy SCS who wants to commence fist training so he's coming over Thursday for his first session and hopefully will become a Thursday regular. I met him on Scruff when he caught my eye wearing spandex gear. I have asked him to wear more when he comes over on Thursday. Very sexy, ample butt, I am looking forward to this....

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