Monday, December 19, 2016

Night with the Rubber Boys

Friday night I got Xivenge™ and DB over for a rubber night. We had a lot of fun binding each other and restraining each other in various combinations. It wasn't necessary a hard sex night; I think that is to come at our next rendez-vous.

Xivenge™ came over after work and helped me set up. We got the vac-cube out of storage and I set it up to give Xivenge™ a test run in it before DB showed up. Both guys got into the cube and for DB it was his first introduction to rubber vac-bondage. He seemed to like it a lot!

I got the guys into rubber catsuits and worked on hog-tie mummifying Xivenge while DB and Mr. P played with each other. The mummification lasted for awhile and I got to test more electro application on Xivenge™ before cutting him out.

We took turns lashing each other to the sling frame, applying the asshook and sucking each other off. Xivenge™ turned the tables with the last scene for me after putting me in the straightjacket, breathcontrol hood and weighted asshook.

Next time we are planning to do more assplay on each other in the sling. I really liked Xivenge's Domming proclivities and would like to see him do more diabolical things. DB was simply gracious and appreciative of the experience; I know he's been given some food for thought and will be back for more!

(Un)fortunately Friday night also signalled the end to two beloved catsuits of mine; the Polymorphe black transparent rubber rear-zip catsuit was on its last legs; Xivenge™ got to enjoy it one last time as the latex started tearing in various points. DB filled out the peacock-blue Libidex catsuit very nicely for the evening but it exploded as he was taking it off - so much so that I don't think it's recoverable. I've decided to retire the two suits, happy of all the memories of great play sessions and pleasure that wearing those two suits gave me and so many of the other studs over the years that enjoyed their latex awesomeness.


Saturday was pretty low-key. Instead of going to the VML play night at Steamworks (I just wasn't in the mood), I rubbered up in my new Latexskin two-piece catsuit. Mr. P and I had a lot of Christmas stuff to get done this weekend so it was a smart idea to leave the exceptional play to Friday night.

Last night Wardog stayed over and we fucked and fisted for awhile before bedtime. Mr. P left for Las Vegas this morning so I have the condo to myself and Wardog for the week. We're hoping to invite some men over this week to enjoy the space! Mr. P is home on Friday and then Christmas madness starts.

We are planning an orphan dinner on Christmas Day. I believe Xivenge™, CPFFucker, and Whatsup are all coming over for dinner in addition to a few more friends. I'm looking forward to hosting the boys to some good home-cooked food a la Mr. P!

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rubberdc said...

you look DAMNED HORNY AND GOODLOOKING in your red suit and its sooo tight where it matters......