Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Rubbery Fun

The weekend was pretty fun. Thursday night was my first fist training session with SCS; things went really well....despite the fact he isn't as experienced as he has claimed, this will take a bit longer than originally thought, however he's a nice sexy guy and I hope he will stick to the program and do his exercises in between our weekly sessions. He left around 8pm after three hours of hole stretching (which was pretty good for a preliminary session imo), and Wardog came after work around 830. It was my turn this evening as Wardog hasn't been feeling well recently; Wardog worked on me in the sling, eventually applying a long-overdue punch fisting to finish off the session. I needed that!

Friday, Xivenge™ and Wardog were over. I spent most of the evening putting Xivenge™ in rubber, restraining and subduing him, and later exposing him to electro and tit torture while in the sleepsack. We should have worked more on the breathplay and position play, but ran out of time so that will happen the next time we get together. Wardog wasn't feeling very well so he and Mr. P played the role of general observers for the evening.
He looks good in medical red!

I kept him in this position to perform the OBVIOUS, obviously.

The contrasting stripe is in a STRANGE POSITION.
My new rubber showed up on Thursday, so I put the medical red Latexskin two-piece catsuit on him while I tried out the silver catsuit. Everything, despite being size large, fits pretty tight...though with the 0.25mm stuff, the tightness results in no lines! Duly noted: I have put on a few pounds since the accident too, so I'm now factoring that in....

The silver catsuit is nice however the contract line around the waist (well, around the ass more accurately) seems like a bit of an error...it's not as pictured on Latexskin's website - it goes around the ass and kinda looks like lowrider jeans. Strange but unique and not a dealbreaker.

I put on the 0.25mm suit on yesterday for most of the day, I even slept in it for awhile in the afternoon....it feels just as amazing as the first suit I got from Latexskin, though I am pretty confident this one will last longer than the first one.
0.25mm stretchy tightness
Love the curves in the new ultra-thin latex
This week might shape up to be a lot of fun. S comes back for his second training session on Thursday. I am particularly excited about introducing my new handsome friend, DB, to rubber on Friday. He has a fascination for it, so I will be 'gentle' as I cover him up with his new black rubbery skin on Friday evening and convince him there's now no turning back!

Vancouver Men in Leather are kicking off their new monthly play party on Saturday. It will be a great opportunity to gear up and pig out for awhile, and given that the Rough Trade parties haven't been happening, hopefully this will be a great alternative? Maybe the attendance won't be great this close to the holidays, however I will hope for the best!

Next week Mr. P is off to Vegas with friends for the week, so I have the condo to myself.....I wonder what could possibly go wrong?!?!

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