Friday, December 16, 2016

Rubber Night

SQUEE! Tonight Xivenge™ and DB are coming over tonight! I have three scenes planned.

First, after a long hiatus, I'm going to get the guys to try out the vac-cube. It hasn't been out in some time, I think it will go over well. I typically bring the equipment best used nude first as we can get that out of the way, then go to the heavy rubber session, followed by sling time and heavy play in lighter (cooler) rubber. Given the temperatures though, maybe the guys will be happier staying in latex layers!

Next we're going to mummify and hogtie Xivenge™ like this (without the suspension of course....someday....someday), with electro and clamps. We'll see how long he can stay in this position. I'm hoping that DB will like assuming some Dom duties tonight!

After Xivenge™ is put in his place, I plan to rack DB up for awhile on the sling frame with anal hook and an intro to some breathplay. Oh yeah, and he'll probably get some electro too.

After that, we will take a break, change and then put up the sling for the late-night hard core Dom sub work on each other.

I think I have the catsuits figured out for DB and myself as we're close to the same height and stature, however given that Xivenge™ is about four inches taller than me, we're going to try putting him in the transparent Polymorphe and see how it fits. Since the latex is softer and stretchier, I'm hoping it won't be too much of a problem.

And....since there are three of us, I'm expecting to get at least a few pics and/or vids out of the deal. Of course I will share....

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