Thursday, December 15, 2016

Starting Out

I've always considered starting to create my own latex designs, but lack of workspace and a bit of laziness always prevented it from happening.

Radical Rubber is offering a starter work kit on their website and through Libidex.

If you ever were thinking of getting into making your own stuff, here are some essentials.

The Mail Order Starter Kit contains the following:

  1. Glue x 2 (water-based latex emulsion, not containing solvents)
  2. Polish (Radical Rubber's Radicalshine, latex-based polish)
  3. Seam Roller (for rolling your seams to get good adhesion)
  4. Roller cutter (to cut your latex nice and clean)
  5. Marker Pen (a white, easy-to-rub-off gel pen - pens in other colours can be obtained through the internet)
  6. Glue spreader (a thin spatula for gluing tight corners)
  7. Flexible Spreader (a simple plastic sheet that can be cut to size for different gluing jobs)
  8. Latex Practice Sheet (1 sq metre of black Radical Rubber latex. 0.40mm gauge)
  9. Latex Sheet Pieces (random scraps of latex in various colours and gauges for you to practise on; at least 3 pieces and colour per box - exact amounts and colours may vary. Approx 170-200g by weight.)
  10. ‘How To’ Brochure (fully illustrated 36-page guide to cutting and sticking latex, with great photos and lots of useful tips from Libidex garment makers)
  11. Lint-free Cloth (for polishing your latex)

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