Tuesday, March 17, 2015

More Rubber Adventures

Things picked up again this week after a couple of weeks of inactivity for various reasons.

CutelyPerverted came over on Tuesday last week for an afternoon and evening of bondage. I was still working so I left him in the airtight vac-tower for most of the afternoon, only giving him a re-sucking every 20 minutes or so and the odd bit of stimulation. He is such a rubber bondage pig; he was in there for hours and I'm sure he would've stayed in there much longer had I let him!

Afterwards we geared up and had a bit of fun in bed with our matching CB sheaths, gas masks and BC until we both exploded and intelligently decided to wrap it up around 10pm.

On Friday we had the Rubbout 24 Kickoff at Pumpjack. It was a blast, I was a bit stressed due to the fact I was still running a implemenation chain at work but luckily that ended before 11. I spent the entire evening putting men into the vac-tower, giving some of them their first exposure to latex vacuum bondage. It was pretty popular; the back area in PJ is normally pretty quiet after 11pm on Gear Nights however we had enough stuff going on back there that it remained quite busy until 1am!
Mitch in the straightjacket...again!
Mr P and I managed to get into a bit of trouble back there even while large crowds of people were milling around. Quite fun.

Saturday, I invited several guys over for the evening. I was happy that M, after a ten month hiatus was able to come over again...he is still one of my favorite play buds and it was great to think up perverted scenarios with him again. I was very glad RbrGear and Kief55 could join us....a second play date for RbrGear and I and the first time he met M and Kief55. It ended up that everyone got along quite swimmingly. I was sad that Tuchus, Cumpigcub and Slickthrobnhole couldn't join us but we had a blast anyways.

M and I set up ALL the vac equipment in the living room; the vac-tower and the vac-cube running off of one vacuum line and the vac-bed on the bed on another vacuum. At one point I had all three of them in vac-bondage at the same time! It was amazing! Afterwards, M and I tied up R and K under the sling frame and left them there while we jumped on each end of the double-ended dildo again. They eventually managed to get themselves free and came and joined us on the bed. M and R started making out quite heavily for awhile while K went to freshen up in the shower and I cleaned up the condo a bit.

Mr. P wanted to hit the sack so we converted the bed back to sleepspace from playspace, and the four rubbered beings retired to the living room again. R and K fucked on the couch for awhile while M and I took turns fisting each other in the sling.

R and M decided to leave, it was already 2:30am; so they left while K and I continued to play in the sling and on the floor until 6:30am or so. Good times!

Sunday after finishing the huge cleanup chore, I went out with friends in the afternoon for some drinks until early evening when Mr. P and I came home and crashed. A great weekend overall.

I hope to get those guys back over again soon....they all remarked how good of a time they had so hopefully I can swing it shortly....maybe even one more time before Rubbout?

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