Wednesday, March 25, 2015


K55 came over for ffun fuck session last night. I'm glad that he and I have reconnected after a bit of  a hiatus.

And speaking of reconnections, M is coming over again on Saturday for an endurance session. Pretty excited about this, as we are very in-tune perversion-wise and he's similar to me in the sense that we like our sessions long and piggy. I've already warned him to get lots of rest. I intend to get the vac-cube rigged so we can both get in, use a vacuum on remote and try several different positions. It's been so long since I've checked things off the Fuck-it List! Even better, K55 has offered to come over and play videographer for the day!


I can't believe we're a week away from Rubbout. Things are falling into place and I'm miraculously pretty calm and collected. Other than some printing and receiving packages from sponsors, everything is pretty much in place. Weekend pass sales are doing okay and will undoubtedly pick up over the next week. Hopefully more will come in with the prompts about the Young Action early bird prize. I've secured a few discounts with several local businesses and undoubtedly a lot of sales will come next week last minute.

The one thing we really wanted to jump on was imagery and theme for Rubbout 25 to present to everyone next weekend. This hasn't come together as well as we'd like however we at least have the theme and dates set.

Rubbout 25 theme is "Elemental" April 1-3, 2016 and I'd personally love to have a silver surfer-type man in the background with a raging hard-on visible through his silver latex, however that might need to be approved by several people first!

Contest details:

Rubbout is coming up soon and this year we have a brand new latex sponsor. Young-Action has given us this amazing American Football jersey and shorts combo. Get your Rubbout passes online at before March 31st for your chance to win!11026263_1574347472819300_1730287320684322335_n

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