Thursday, March 5, 2015

Conversation Between Stupid People

I really hate double-standard arguments like this one that claim girls look good in spandex while guys look one's opinion is the only one that matters. Some people disagree.

Oh wait, it's a girl...that's the way they generally think. Their opinions ARE the only one that matters.

Actually by the four-minute mark Gio's making some good points. Spandex DOES require some humility. That's something that a lot of guys lack, unfortunately. As as gay guy, I don't mind seeing through the material, BUT, hey, you're in public dude... skintight okay, see-through, not-so-much...unless your in a gay space of course! ;-)

Everyone wearing tights in the gym SHOULD be wearing something underneath, male or female.

I like Lu...he's defensive of guys in tights and argues points FOR men wearing them since he's worn them personally...and he says guys look cute in tights too!

Some people like them, like how guys look in them, and wear them for comfort. The discussion's pretty funny by the end. They agreed that guys and girls should be wearing something underneath to cover the ugly bumpers.

OMG if you watch any more of Bart's videos, they are a pretty fucking funny group!

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