Monday, February 23, 2015

Great Weekend

With the knowledge that I have to work a good chunk of next weekend, I really wanted to get out and have some fun and accomplish a few things this weekend, which I think I did!

Friday night Mr. P and I met up with friends at PJs for a couple, then to Fountainhead for food. I went to OTTRDSCO at HD Lounge and ran into a bunch of friends there. It was a lot of fun, and some disco was played to boot! I wish they had played more can never have enough disco.

I got home relatively early around 1am as I was planning to go riding with Rbrgear in the morning. 1 got up and out the door at 10:30 (so happy to sleep in a bit!) and met him at QE Park at 11. We headed south to Richmond and rode to Iona Beach first, where we fortunately ran into Mario, another cyclist from EBCC. Mario and I ride the same commute route to work so we run into each other from time-to-time. He had put a call-out for anyone interested in riding on Friday for Saturday, however I had no idea when Rbrgear and I were going to ride so I didn't respond. I felt kinda bad due to the lack of planning, but running into him kind of made that all better in my mind, anyways.

The three of us rode down to Steveston, got coffee and headed back downtown. I was home shortly after 2. I was a gorgeous day and a great ride with great guys. When we started the temp was already 6C and was probably double that when I got home. I had food and cleaned up and it was time to head to the Meat Draw.

After that (and a win of a Pork Loin Roast and chicken parts!), Mr. P went home as he wasn't feeling that good. I went to Pumpjack for the Best Ass Contest at 9 and stayed and partied there until 1am or so. I ran into a big piss lover buddy. We went into one of the bathroom stalls where he fed me piss and we fooled around for awhile before heading home. I'm such a tramp!

The next morning I got up, met R and B for Brunch and caught up on all of our Rubbout details, I headed home and got ready for Wardog's visit. He showed up around 3 and we had our first sit in the sling at 4. I got in for the first session in full head-to-toe rubber, a bit less for the second, then changed into my Cellblock 13 gear for the last two(!) sessions I luckily got the first turn in the sling, and as it turned out, Wardog's ass was a bit out of balance; we suspect this new numbing pill he was trying for the first time on the suggestion of another fisting friend wasn't playing out as smoothly with his system as hoped. His loss was my gain...I got an extra turn in the sling, and by the end I was so loose that it was turning him on just to continue brutalizing me! While the world was watching the Oscar ceremonies, I was getting punch fisted.

I can honestly say it was one of the most intense and enjoyable fisting sessions I've ever had. It was very active and incessant and my ass couldn't get enough. Wardog achieved PBs in BOTH stretching and depth last night....I was a centimeter from taking both of his fists and we are so near passing the third sphincter....both will be coming in the next few months, for sure. I'm still feeling a bit buzzy, hummy, and itchy today - good signs of a session well spent.

This week is gonna be busy with Rubbout stuff, I'm working Friday night into Saturday morning. It's month-end meat draw this weekend however I'm still trying to arrange a play session with SlickThrob and Cumpigcub for Saturday. I just found out from Wardog yesterday that Tuchus might be free and of course I'd like the boys to see how Wardog's technique has gone from good to fantastic in the past much as I'd like to host, Six of us playing in the condo might be a bit much. I'm crossing my fingers that we can get something worked out! If anything, SlickThrob and I will be able to get together and hopefully Wardog can come too.

Things I found particularly hot and/or apparent about this latest session with Wardog:
1. Beyond him being young, handsome, I think he enjoys fist topping as much if not more than he enjoys fist bottoming. And he loves working on my ass!
2. He is keen to learn new technique. I was super-impressed with his technique on Sunday, which he says he is 'just picking up as he goes along'. I know he plays with some pretty experienced fisters, and it's commendable that he is getting the ability to experience serious fistplay technique with them (and then able to apply it on me!) and at such a young age. He is certainly built to fist!
3. That he was able to apply some of this technique in such a way to open me up more than I ever have before, then apply advanced techniques at the point in time when he knew best to apply them to take things even bigger and deeper....he's only been at it a year and look how far he has come!
4. We had a conversation about the state of our play and personal relationships, and he is as happy with the arrangements as I am.
5. I re-iterate how much of a connection rubber and fisting together now have for me. Beyond the visuals of being rendered helpless in the sling in full rubber ready to take a fist and big toys, applying gas masks, hoods etc also adds the element of further sensory deprivation, breathplay, pissplay....anything you want, really. The visual of being a rubber sex- and playtoy with no identity with the right hoods and gear can be a turn-on for the top AND bottom.
6. As much as I love becoming all sloppy and open after a scene in the sling, once the top cleans up the lube in the 'work area', the remainder that may flow or drip out of particular places can be easily prevented with a simple zip-up of a catsuit back to closed....mess containment! You have a self-lubricating system going on inside the suit now, and preparation for the next scene...prêt-a-porter!
7. Done with the rubber? Take your mid-session shower and change into completely new gear for a new scene!

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