Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Gear Weekend

This past weekend was the second of the month, which means Gear Nights at PJ and HD on Friday night. The weekend started with a bang and keep flying all weekend. It was a good one!

Friday night Mr. P and I went to PJ for the VML social. It started slowly but gained momentum by 9:30-10. We ran into friends and stayed until shortly after midnight when we went to HD to check out the new Harness night. I think we missed critical mass by 30 minutes however the potential of this night looks really good!

Saturday I got up, got Mr. P's valentine gifts, cleaned up the condo, we went for brunch and then headed to Meat Draw with the gang. It was fun, we came home after and decided we were going to go to the P-CAN Naked Valentine's Party. We got there around 10 and had a good time. I talked to some of the exec guys later who said there were almost 60 guys there. Their numbers seem to go up and down, so we commiserated on how to bolster numbers at these events. Given it was Valentine's Day I think the numbers probably weren't that bad.

Sunday we got up. I had a rubber fisting playdate set up with SlickThrobnHole at his place so I got over there around 2pm. We did a session each in the sling, then got on his double-ended dildo for another 90 minutes or so before deciding to wrap it up. I got home around 8:45, played a bit more, ate and went to bed. Mr. P was out and I was already asleep when he got home!

SlickThrobnHole took some pics and vids so I am expecting to have some fresh fodder for Xtube in the next couple weeks. We are also hoping to get a session together with Cumpigcub on the 28th. Hopefully it works out!

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