Thursday, September 15, 2016

Things A'Brewin'

Piggy in the middle of a rubber pig pile

It's been a good week. Mr. P got his new prosthetic leg last week and has gone to a couple physio appointments where they are doing adjustments and teaching him technique. It's pretty exciting to see him walking around on two legs! We were out with friends for drinks last night, when Mr. P made me realize two things: that with the leg, he's going to be able to fuck me doggy style again, AND we'll be able to walk and hold hands again! The realization of this made me tear up while we were in the bar; I was kinda embarrassed but this was such a great bit of news to me. One of my biggest laments about this entire situation with Mr. P's cancer and leg amputation has been the fact that we can't hold hands anymore. This changes the entire game again.

Almazmol and I have been talking for a few weeks about getting the boys together for a piggy rubber fisting session. We decided on this Saturday, and as it turns out, it seems that everyone is available! It's a bit overwhelming - in addition to Almazmol and myself, M, Rodcubyvr, Wardog, N33dfulthings, and Zerosequence are all supposed to join in. Mr. P might still be sticking around this weekend...I have a feeling it's going to be a very full house! OMG, who needs Folsom when you have this group of depraved perverts in your contact list?!!? LOL

So yeah, with that many men in the condo, there will definitely be some pics to post next week. Almazmol and I are scheming to put up two video cameras to catch all the action, and I'll have great content to edit into a fucking masterpiece for XTube.

In the midst of all this, I've recently started talking with this handsome young stud who is craving becoming a pig whore rubberslave. He's dirty, I mean dirty. Through our conversations I've been having these stirrings of Master control that I haven't had in a very long time...since Rubnuck Jr.

This guy is good to do anything and everything and this is really fucking turning me on. We've been flirting and perving out with each other daily via text, I think my scenarios of what I plan to do to him are whipping him into a frenzy. I'm lovin' it. LOL

Like I said, he's really getting my juices revving. I haven't felt such an urge to dominate to this degree in a long time....I'm pretty excited about the prospects.

With that inspiration, I thought it might be a good time to revisit and update the Fuck-It List:

1. Double-ended dildo ride with double penetration on top
✓2. Fisting chariot rides
✓3. Fisting 3-way
✓4. Double fisting
✓5. Sitting on single fist from above/sling bar
6. Sitting on double fist from above/sling bar
✓7. Spit roasting on the sling
✓8. Spit roasting in the vac-cube
✓9. Vac-cube with new electro box
✓10. Fucking daisy chain
✓11. Fisting daisy chain
✓12. Ball crushing and stretching in sling
✓13. Vac-cube 2-man bondage
✓14. Vac-cube 2-man breathplay
✓15. Vac-cube fisting
16. Mummification with wrap and tape
✓17. Sleepsack and electro
✓18. Spreader bar bondage with breathplay
✓19. Straightjacket with breathplay
✓20. Piss enemas

It must be time to write a new list, or I need to expand or revise this list; I've pretty much checked everything off! *takes a piggy bow*

Some of the things I want to do to the new rubberpig might inspire me to new items for the Fuck It List:

- Urethral inserts, chastity, parachute ball stretching, electro and large toys up his ass while restrained in the sling with variable visibility and variable breathplay
- Cocksucking hood and straightjacket, spreader bars
- Sleepsack, rim chair
- Sleepsack, electro, penis and butt plugs
- Lube wrestling and fucking in the latex tower bladder
- Condom breathplay and bondage
- Pissplay with asstretching
- Pissplay with tunnel plug, filled and plugged rectum
- Double Bardex piss enema and fluid control (I think he'll really like that one!)
- Vacuum bondage bed with electro and/or cum denial
- Vacuum bondage tower with electro, vibrator and headgear
- Suspended on ass hook, humiliation, limited mobility
- Breathplay - condoms, tubing air sharing, closed system breathing, gasmask rebreathing, gasmask air sharing

He wants to be immobilized to the point of being 'paralyzed', at which point I've been given pretty much free reign to apply any operation and apply any humiliation to him that I can think of. He claims he wants to be pushed to the limits of fear and discomfort; we'll see about that.

I've been told I'm too nice to be a Dom; I'm certain that this might present an opportunity for both of us to learn a lot about our roles and I'm hoping his enthusiasm will stir some big feelings in me of assuming a Master role. We are certainly pushing a lot of buttons in each other this week!

He likes dirty; I'm going to get him to eat out my dirty ass, suck the sweat and stench out of sweaty bike shorts and other lycra and lick my junk clean. Fuck yeah, I'm just getting boned thinking about it. He's so fucking buff; I'm sure I'm going to enjoy just getting him into rubber and spandex and appreciating the visuals; this will kick up a magnitude once I have him immobilized in bondage! Is this really going to be happening? I'm going in with caution, but so far it's been a hoot talking to this guy.

This might end up being a very interesting adventure; one that I will definitely keep you updated on. Depending on the weather and when we get everything winterized at Shadow Falls, we are planning to have our first pig session on Friday September 23 or Friday September 30. As I said he's a power pig bottom and his desire to be dominated and humiliated is really turning on stuff in my psyche that hasn't been turned on in a long time. I'm kinda looking forward to this.

I had asked him originally to join us on Saturday but there was hesitation from a few of the guys in the gang; I capitulated and asked that we try a one-on-one later. I now believe this was a very good decision; there's just no way I'd be able to give him any attention on Saturday night; we really need a good one-on-one to start to feel each other out and see where to go next. Fuck, this guy is sexy, I'm meeting him next Thursday in person to talk, and if it's raining next weekend, we'd be having our first play session the following night on Friday Sept 23 or alternatively Friday Sept 30.


What else is going on? I'm still at a bit of an impasse on what events to do next for the Vancouver Rubbermen. I had thought I was going to do some significant acknowledgment of the Rubber Canuck Blog's 10th anniversary in mid-October, but right now I can't bring myself to spending money or booking time and preparing to put an event together. I have had some ideas from some of the guys to do some rubber up evenings, something that I think is good....I'd rather the boys meet at 7pm than 2pm on a Saturday. The problem with that up to now was venue....though I had never approached Pumpjack about a change in time, given the issues with vacuums and the events that we've put on at 8x6, after running into the 8x6 owner a week ago who told me they are planning on starting men's nights up again on Fridays that this might pose a perfect opportunity to showcase rubber demos on Friday evenings, get the rubbermen together in a venue that will also allow us to play in addition to run vacuums. I'm kinda open to this idea though I've already heard backlash from some of the other groups and organizers who do not get along with 8x6 owners or staff. Blah blah blah.....I want the venue, I don't really give a shit about who is mad at who and who won't let shit go.

I've also had quite a few guys bring up a desire to rekindle the Rough Trade nights. I have yet to go to talk to Del at Steamworks about this; as it works out, Almazmol, M and Rodcubyvr have all been essential in me getting this night going in the first place, so they will be the perfect guys to talk to about this on Saturday night.

Lots to come! Stay tuned! :D

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