Tuesday, September 27, 2016


So, this weekend is kinda the official kickoff of Fall for me, and what better way to celebrate than a couple of days and sessions in rubber?

I met up with the new potential rubberslut slave last Thursday and we hit it off well. He is very excited to come over on Friday night for an intense bondage, sex, and torture session. He wants to be immobilized, used hard and humiliated and scared. I'm not sure to what capacity I'll be able to accomplish this but I will try my best.

This guy is smoking hot - I can already tell he's a fucking dirty pervert - so I know he'll appreciate whatever I can dish at him. He's keen to be tied down, verbally and physically humiliated, and tells me he's keen for breathplay, electro, pissplay and so much more. I haven't run into someone like him in some time.

There are a few things I haven't been able to share with anyone since my days playing regularly with M....he's the only one that was so keen about things like sounding and electro that I haven't been able to share with anyone who is passionate about it since then...and a long time it has been indeed.

As M and Rodcub are moving to Halifax at the end of the week, I had a great time seeing them one last time last night at Pub Trivia. M and I were able to transfer his Electrostim play files over to me on a stick, so I can finally start playing around with the electrobox he built me for my last birthday. FINALLY!!! The boy on Friday might be getting the first taste of those delightful loop programs for the electrobox ;)

I think we could have a lot of fun, and of course I have so much to show him. I've been telling him to try and keep calm; there is lots to expose him to, it's going to take numerous sessions so just to anticipate the perversion but realize that it's a journey and I absolutely do not intend to cram everything into one session.

Of course, there will be pics and a post-session summary. I really hope we have a great session and he wants to start up sessions with some regularity. It's been a long time; I'd be so appreciative of having a rubberslave again to play with!

Saturday afternoon is the next Vancouver Rubbermen meet at Pumpjack at 2pm. I'm going to bring the regular bondage equipment - the vac-tower, sleepsack, straightjacket. There isn't a whole lot of time to promote the event, and I expect a quiet afternoon, though the forecast is for rain so maybe that will bring out a few more curious perverts? I am having some issues with trying to kick off VRM in a way that will increase numbers; I'm going to have to be a lot more honest with the regular guys that we need to figure out some novel ways to attract more of the rubberboys and rubber-curious to our events. Starting posters and promotions again, now that I'm back on Facebook. Just gotta work at it more.....

I don't think I'm going to pursue a Rubber Canuck 10th Anniversary event. I just don't have it in me to organize anything and honestly, the event is only significant to me....and maybe some of my readers but certainly not most of the Vancouver kink crowd. I wish more knew about it, but in a way I'm glad the blog has generally stayed subversive for all these years. I've found it so interesting that on social media most people crave attention: likes, retweets, reblogs, followers, and so on. For me it has always been the opposite, just lurking in the shadows enough to evade a lot of attention. It seems to have worked for the most part; I've been able to blog and perv out for 10 years and still have my dedicated hard-core following, which is all I ever wanted anyways. Had I chose years ago to monetize this blog things would have turned out much different, obviously, but then if that was the case, how many of you would still be here, right?

Next weekend is Sin City Rubberfest (October 8). The organizer asked me to demo again so I will do that, a few of the VRM guys have said they would attend and help me out; no offense to my straight kink friends and allies but the straight parties just aren't the same as the gay ones. So much difference in power dynamics really changes the mood and intent of the party. It's natural that an all-male event would be so much more sexual; the concept of consent is very different when you have all the same sex in a room versus one that's mixed. I read a very interesting quote from a girlfriend of mine who said just that. She went to a general fisting info clinic taught by another (gay) friend of mine about fisting and found it so refreshing that the clinic be taught by a gay man who focused on the fun and play of fisting, making the whole concept a lot more lighthearted and recreational than the regular clinics she had previously gone to that were taught by and directed at mixed crowds, where she felt the whole concept of consent and care was so onerous on the scene as to take most of the magic out of it. Anyways, I found it an interesting perspective that perhaps succinctly explained the way I feel sometimes.


So, yes, the RV is closed up for the season and now time to move into fall mode.

A bit more news, I've joined the gay curling league here in Vancouver; we usually play Sundays or Monday evenings. Our team name is "Hammered and Stoned". We've played two games; So far we are 1-0-1, and this Sunday will be the beginning of our dominance in the fourth division (LOL). Our lead is already scheming up costumes for the bonspiel later in the season. I suggested lycra zentai or just lycra in general but I'm not sure how well that will go over. Coincidentally, I've always wondered what curling in lycra would be like....what freedom!

Healing is going okay. I'm mired in conversation with the lawyers and the insurers; chances are I won't get a settlement in the near near future, however I am planning to pick up running again and start going to the gym again with commitment and zeal. I still need a few more weeks of healing in my arm. The weight bearing is getting better and better but still not completely back yet. I am not even sure how close it will return to what it was before the accident.

And of course, the resurrection of the Rough Trade parties; how could I forget those? I've been getting a lot of requests to host one soon, of course it's on my own time and schedule....I would honestly like to have one sometime at the end of October, I guess we'll see what happens. I don't want to sound dismissive, but in general, my fisting life is satisfactory right now...if I had to look at putting these events on from a selfish perspective, I don't really have a need for it atm. However, as we know, these things change, always change, and this requires constant incubation and nurturing of your kinky and play connections. Now with M and Rodcub gone, and even Wardog talking about moving away for awhile for a change, nothing is ever static, is it? Gotta keep workin' the network :D

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