Monday, September 19, 2016

Rubber Fists

We hosted a pretty successful sex party at our place on Saturday night. Mr P and I, RodcubYVR, M, Warcub, Almazmol, and N33dfulthings all joined in for some interesting scenes and combinations. The guys started showing up around 8pm. We had a few drinks and proceeded to start rubbering up once Almazmol showed up with the playsheet for the living room floor. M, myself and Almazmol dressed in full head-to-toe rubber for the first scene. RodcubYVR put on one of my surfsuits, N33dfulthings ended up in one of my wrestlers, Wardog put on Neoprene and Mr. P remained in his own comfortable naked skin.

M got in the sling first and got worked over by Almazmol and RodcubYVR while Wardog, myself and Mr. P played off to the side. I took a turn on M's hole while N33dfulthings and Wardog played on the bed. 

When it was my turn in the sling, Almazmol used the rubber strips to secure my torso to the sling....a nice tight squeeze while the restraints held my legs and arms in place. I wore the Polymorphe blackout hood with the chin restraint, which made for a good visual as only my nostril holes were open. Almazmol took a good turn on my ass while Mr. P and RodcubYVR fucked and fisted M on the couch beside us. Due to my sensory deprivation I missed out on watching the action!

The guys all were in the process of leaving shortly after I got out of the sling, it was a shutdown around 2am which was okay; Almazmol is rediscovering his bottomness and borrowed a toy to practice on.

Wardog stayed over night, we fucked, fisted and sucked off Mr. P until 4am. He'll be back again on Tuesday for our regular weekly session.

It was a great party, I'm looking forward to the next one!

Once again, everything was happening too quickly to think of taking pics, however I got Almazmol to take a few of me in the sling once he had me strapped in. HOT!

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