Friday, June 3, 2016

Latexskin Order #2

I'm communicating with Latexskin this week about reimbursing Mr P's coupon from Rubbout 25. I am getting closer to deciding what I want. The Latexskin team has informed me that they have an Elegante 2-piece Large long-sleeve shirt/leggings with black trim in metallic silver/black 0.4mm. This I am okay with, it's the second suit that I'm having an issue deciding on. As much as I want another neck or face entry suit, I don't think it's prudent at the moment particularly if wanting something in 0.25mm again. If that's the case I would probably order a 2-piece catsuit....simpler style than the Elegante in one solid color. I'm trying to find out what Latexskin has for 0.25mm sheet latex in stock, that may decide what color I get. Otherwise they have offered me a basic neck-entry catsuit in 0.4mm black or 0.5mm metallic black, which I'm also considering.

I should have something decided next week. Hoods? Socks? Zips? To be determined!

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