Monday, June 6, 2016


Wow, what a great weekend up at Shadow Falls. The weather was 30C all weekend which gave lots of opportunity for naked sunbathing, drinking, eating and sex.

Mr. P and I had a lot of fun on Saturday night with some of the young campers that were tenting in the park over the weekend.

We even stayed at the RV Sunday night and Mr. P dropped me off directly at work this morning.

This weekend is the Rubbout Volunteer Appreciation BBQ on Saturday afternoon. There's a possibility that Almazmol, R, J and M might want to have a rubber play session on Saturday evening. Here's hoping that works out.

The following weekend is the VML Whistler Retreat which we've heard might have up to 50 guys attending so that should be a blast!

I think I've decided on my order from Latexskin:
1. Elegante two piece suit Size L: 0.4mm metallic silver with black trim, Crotch to ass 2-way zip with protective flap, separate socks

2. Two-piece catsuit Size L 0.25mm medical red, high collar, separate socks, no zips, hood: Perforated eyes and mouth hole medical red
It will look like this, but without the sheaths.
Just a nice bulging good time

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