Thursday, June 2, 2016

Hard & Heavy

Libidex's Hard & Heavy Men's hard-core rubber line is now live! I'm loving some of the suit and hood configurations. Very pervy. I may look a bit further into some of this gear, particularly the gimp bondage suits. Check out the boner-inducing models in their bulging suits!


Please note this page is NSFW. These styles contain ADULT content (18+) Libidex has worked relentlessly to create this new range we like to call Hard & Heavy! We have some brand new bondage latex wear that includes body bags, sleep sacks and slave catsuits. We have also updated some of our classic styles to appeal to the more fetish side of our community, for example, leggings and shorts with codpieces or a selection of our new sheaths. There are a variety of new bondage mittens and hoods that deprive you of your key senses - perfect for the experience fetish players that crave for more. There are also some male versions of our popular female styles, such as a new male corsets and male robes.

These images make me just want to jump into some skintight latex this morning....

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