Friday, April 22, 2016

Spring Thing


fullrubber said...

Not your fault Reid so this isn't meant personally,
but so frustrating when I take a hot photo (and I appreciate that kinksters like it), and it ends up promoting something but you get no credit for taking it.... (fullrubber)
I know people nab pictures all over from tumblr and other places, but it really makes me never want to post photos on recon or anywhere else again unless they have a huge watermark on them. I can't believe how many times photos I've taken (recon, and other places) have landed all over the place, and none of them are credited to me as the photographer.

definitely one of the problems with the cyber world

MB said...

Oh it's true. Copyright and artist domain are a relic of the past in the digital world. I personally don't care if they use images of me; it used to bother me but I find it kind of flattering now.