Tuesday, April 26, 2016


I managed to get into rubber on Sunday for a good six hours or so. It was nice as it's been a few weeks since I've donned latex. Everytime I'm not feeling particularly sexy or horny I only need to envelop myself in rubber to get the feelies back!

So, the state of my wardrobe....well, it leaves a bit to be desired. My two formerly best catsuits are in the repair shop AGAIN and other than the Invincible Racer suit and the minorly fixed (good ol') Spexter suit, all the other catsuits are in various states of decomposition or on the chopping block.

Post Rubbout, I am considering getting an order in with Invincible Rubber before the end of the month to take advantage of their 10% off offer.; additionally Mr. P won a 50% off coupon with Latexskin that I may also take advantage of before the end of June....he can't find anything he wants so I will help him a bit with that - if he can't find anything at that point, I will claim the coupon in the name of all that's good and skintight.

I've asked Paul at Invincible whether they'd be interested in long-term relationship with Vancouver Rubbermen. He is interested - and as I still have a few items left from Rubbout we can use for prizes, incentives, etc in the future and hopefully get some more reduced/discounted coupons for members....once I start working on a more permanent membership drive.

I was thinking of getting a simple shoulder zip/all-round male pouch zip catsuit....maybe in airforce grey? Or just black? Not sure....I will think about that a bit more.

Latexskin: I want another 0.25mm despite all the thinness drama. I may go for a 2-piece, that might just be the safest sanest option.

Rough Trade? On hiatus for now....I have to get a permanent monthly date set otherwise it's not going to happen anymore. I appreciate Steamworks letting us do the event there, it's just regrettable that it's not an optimal location for such an event. Unfortunately there are no other options at this time.

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