Thursday, June 7, 2018

Rubber Sesh

After a very long hiatus, Almazmol and I managed to arrange a play date last night. It's been close to a year since we've even seen each other. He showed up around 8pm and we spent a good 90 minutes just catching up on life before rubbering up for a ffun session.

Both of us were lamenting a bit that we haven't had near the amount of rubber time as we'd like recently, what with life getting in the way and stuff. He's even debating giving away or selling all of his authentic football gear...a reality which I tried to subtly sway him away from!

Around 9:30, we rubbered up in our fullsuits and swapped gas masks for a change in perspective. I proceeded to hop into the sling, he locked me in, and over two sessions, he spent two hours smashing deep into my box.

He was wearing his face entry suit with attached gloves, and using my special recipe lube. The fist insertions were so slick and smooth that I could've taken even more, initially it was so comfortable I was hoping that it would never end. Being the preparatory cautious guy I am though, I danced on the edge of destruction and asked him to stop without completely debilitating me, anticipating that my ass may need to perform again in the next few days...

What a great time! I wish we could get back to playing more regularly again however our circumstances have changed, and I'll probably have to just be satisfied that we can get together occasionally, catch up, and still have our own perverted fun! That's the thing with our non-kinky boyfriends....sometimes we need to move out of our regular circles to find the things that satisfy our hungers.

It's been a great week so far - Sunday night I went over for a hard fflip ffuck (as usual) with the insatiable DS (incidentally, I wore a rubber catsuit to that sesh too!), spent two wonderful nights with Mook on Monday and Tuesday (which were special as our modified schedules are making it a lot harder to get together regularly), had the rubber fist date last night, Rupaul and another night with Mook tonight, and then the weekend at the campground again with Mr. P.  The weekend weather had looked pretty tragic earlier in the week, but now isn't looking that bad.

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