Friday, June 1, 2018

Last Weekend at the Falls

The Pups were in the woods! The pup groups camped at campground last weekend. Generally things were pretty tame. I had taken my rubber pup gear up with me in the chance that there would be some hijinks going on on Saturday night, but I expected very little as the pups aren't really well known for being that adventurous. As expected, they weren't up to much on Saturday night, so I ended up in a vacant campsite late at night by myself with my rubber hood and collar on, throwing fists and buttplugs up my ass.

I tried out my rubber hood and collar again with Gadget's funky eyegear on Sunday to see how it would look and seal.

Pup Bowen and Pup Gadget, two very good friends of mine, stayed an extra night so we had a great day with them on Sunday after most of the campers had already left for the weekend. Mr P and I didn't even head back to the city until 9pm! Fortunately Sunday was the most gorgeous day weather-wise so we decided to take advantage of it. 

That's the way it has been the past five weekends we've been out there; Saturday weather is typically overcast or rainy and cool and Sunday is just sunny hot and gorgeous. I was hoping the tides would turn this weekend but it looks to be more of the same and possibly even more spring-like with lots of rain in the forecast. We had a record-setting May for dryness, so a bit of rain in June is reasonable and welcomed.

DS is supposed to be motorbiking up on Saturday to spend the day with us. It's his birthday today so I have been planning for a day-long fist fest with him as the guest of honor ending with a blindfolded orgy at the end of the night if all goes well. I'm really hoping the weather works in our favour!

Mook and I are FINALLY having a rendez-vous on Monday after what feels like weeks of not getting together. Wardog is taking a bit of a hiatus at the moment as he works on some personal stuff, and I'm pretty excited that Almazmol contacted me out of the blue a couple weeks ago and we are planning a long-overdue full rubber fist session either on Tuesday or Thursday this week too! I am SO looking forward to the next seven days! :)

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