Tuesday, June 19, 2018

More Stretch

From Regulation: This month we're introducing a new feature to our rubber suits. A brand new Stretch Zip that provides 10% elasticity over standard zips.

Maybe you've never really thought about the zip in your rubber suit before. The thing is, unlike the latex they are glued to, zips don't stretch. At all. That puts additional strain on areas of the suit when you move and bend, particularly the lower back section of the suit. It gets pulled by the zip as you bend or kneel and over time can increase the chances of a latex tear or puncture.

With our Stretch Zip, your rubber can feel even more like a second skin. As the zip moves more like latex, it's more comfortable and will help extend the life of your rubber suits.

It's compatible with both regular and locking zips runners and for now can be found on our Locking Surf Suit and all styles of Catsuit. Stretch Zip is coming to more suit designs in the coming months.

"Maybe you've never really thought about the zip in your rubber suit before."
- I have. I think about it all the time as I weep helplessly over my torn rear zip playsuits. This is my one true location of integrity loss, again and again.

This is truly a sign that we are in an Enlightenment Era! Stretchy zippers to go with stretchy rubber! COUNT ME IN!

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