Thursday, August 10, 2017


So I've been fortunately having quite a bit of ffun recently, and even some rubber time!

A few weeks ago, I had the fortune of meeting a very handsome German flight attendant through a common friend. We went out for drinks and eventually Mr P and I brought him home for the night. We had a great time with him until 3am or so.

I found out through our common friend that we shared a big common interest, so I chatted him up the next day and that evening found myself at his hotel room. We fisted each other immensely until about the same time that night too.

Unfortunately he had to leave the next day so we had to part ways, but I'm still in touch with him and we will definitely get together again when we end up in the same city again.

The following weekend I had to work Friday night and so ultimately I stayed in the city for the weekend while Mr. P was out at the Falls. Saturday night was the first night of the International Fireworks Competition, so I went to a party a couple of friends were hosting. At this party I hooked up with another friend, Mook, I've been wanting to get to know better for a very long time, so I was very happy to take him home with me at the end of the party and spend the rest of the night fucking and fisting with him. He's so sexy and handsome, it was so much fun!

The following Tuesday I got together with my fistbud DS, another sexy fucker. We've gotten together maybe five or six times this summer, and we always have a terrific time playing sober, which is kind of our 'thing'. We had a great session, I got to some wonderfully new depth levels in him, and much of it was recorded just for posterity. He's a good friend of N33dfulthings, I will continue trying to get a group thing together with these guys as I dream about it often.

DS came with Mr. P and I to another fireworks party on Wednesday at Rob's place. Another fun night but an early end as it is the middle of the week. Also, the weekend coming up was Vancouver Pride and the BC Day long weekend so we needed our rest! Mr P and I had opted to go to the Falls this weekend instead of celebrating Pride; I just have not been in the headspace for Pride this year and was more excited to go camping for an extra day with Mr. P, Wardog and Mook and other friends than I was staying in the city.

As it turned out, we had an amazing time; Friday night we hosted a tiki party in the gazebo, I got to play with a super sexy guy named Ravi late in the night; On Saturday, Wardog, Mook, and I climbed up to the top of the Corkscrew Falls - a very secluded rock overhang over the falls overlooking the Dam. We did some molly and fucked and fooled around up there before coming back down for the chili cookoff, then proceeding to take more molly, played and cuddled more and were eventually joined by our friend C. Unfortunately Mr. P wasn't feeling well; the four of us fucked and fisted in the gazebo-turned-sex-tent until the wee hours of Sunday. Mook and I even traipsed out to the central lawn in the middle of the night where he proceeded to fist me long and hard on a picnic table under the full blood red moon (due to all the forest fire activity in BC the moons have been amazing!)

Sunday we laid around on the lawn and relaxed. Wardog made us margaritas, we harvested our pineapple plant and had a great dinner before socializing with friends again. We went to bed relatively early as we had to head back into the city early as Mook had a ticket to get on the Recovery Cruisey-T boat cruise in the afternoon.

Mook and Wardog are coming back up with us on the Labour Day long weekend so I fully expect a repeat of the hijinks from the BC Day long weekend!

Tuesday this week I finally got to meet Arc; a super sexy young guy on a student exchange here from New Zealand. He and I have been talking online for about half a year now, I was glad to give him a place to crash for a couple nights as he is couch surfing for the next couple weeks before he heads over to Victoria to get set up for school. Mr P and I had a lot of fun with him in the sling and vac-tower on Tuesday night, and Wednesday, as we had long anticipated, I finally got him completely rubbered up. We had a great day. He loves the sling and took to it like a fish to water....he certainly wants to try it again. So in addition to his first rubberization and his first sling experience, and exposure to hoods and masks, he also had his first fisting experience. I think we're witnessing the birth of a kink monster......

He left to his next accommodation today but we fully anticipate getting together some more while he is in the region until January.

So, today and tomorrow is wrapping up a short work week, then Mr. P and I are off to Winnipeg very early on Saturday morning until August 20 to attend two family weddings and do the family thing. Once we are back, we are up to Shadow Falls one more time, then it's Labour Day! Seriously, where did this year go? Everything's moving so fast!

I felt pretty lucky to have had five different sexy men's hands in me over the past few weeks. Very fucking lucky. A great rubber session and some hot outdoor sex to boot. It's still way too hot for rubber but it's nice to get a taste of it still once in awhile.

Oh yeah! And I officially received a payment from Metaversexxx for the 3-D porn vid royalties I've been involved with. I'm officially a paid porn star now! Yessss! LOL

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