Thursday, March 16, 2017

More Ballet Gear

I find that I've been working at home more and more these past few months, and thusly wearing more spandex in general. I particularly love my ballet gear since it's designed to be sooo comfortable. My Bloch padded dancebelt is covered with a M. Steven's cap sleeve unitard, dance slippers and socks, and my UA Skullcap. Ready for the studio...well, I should probably lose 10lbs first LOL

This gear is so fucking just holds everything in place so nicely, like it's designed to! I love getting the pits sweaty which darkens the material, additionally getting the shape of the bulge and crack of the butt fitted nicely in the material designed to do that perfectly as well. I look and feel like a dancing stud!

This made me just realize I haven't posted any pics of my gear MyPakage Leggings! I'll get to that tonight.

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