Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Breath Restriction

MaskdCat of the Toronto Rubbermen published this great Tumblr post.
During my adolescence I developed a thing for swim caps, both spandex and latex. When I would watch swimmers on TV, swim caps pushed more buttons than what the Speedo did (though that was a jerk off thing for me as well). I had spandex caps that I would put over my face, one I put eye holes in and worn like a hood. Then I had latex swim caps. The moment I put one over my face, something happened… I had trouble breathing with it. But for some reason, I kept wearing it. And I would wear it more and more, trying to wear it for as long as I could. I really had no idea why, at the time.
When I saw these breath reduction hoods, I immediately thought of what I used to do with the swim caps. That OOOOOOOHHHHHHHHHHHH moment when the things you used to do started to make some sense. Being into breath control, hoods, and rubber, this hood from Blackstyle was a natural addition to my collection.
There is a small hole at the front seam of the hood at mouth level. Blackstyle states its “for security reasons” which is an obvious one. Without the hole, you could only breath to your lung capacity then your scrambling to take it off. With the hole and comfortable relaxed breathing, it can be worn for a longer scene.
However I am rarely relaxed wearing the hood. Not because of panic, but because I’m so fucking horny wearing it that my cock wants to fucking blow. Which usually happens. At the time of these pictures, and GIF, I was in a relaxed state since I already blew a load in the previous scene. I comfortably wore the hood for ten minutes. I could have worn for longer, not sure why it stopped.
I love this hood. At its price point, it was well worth the money. Like anything else involving breath play, DON’T USE ALONE! Its always more fun with a friend.
I love my Blackstyle Breath Reduction hood. It makes me sooo horny.

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