Tuesday, March 14, 2017


It's been a strange couple of weeks. With Tuchus (Wardog's Sir) being so sick and in the hospital now for almost five weeks, Wardog's stress over the situation has been taking its toll...a young guy, who hasn't dealt with a health scare to someone so close to him yet....He hasn't been able to sleep much, and he's pushed off sex temporarily. Poor guy. I am so horny to have sex with him but respecting his wishes and give him space to rest and focus where he needs it. Thankfully after a bit of a stressful downslide last week, Tuchus is doing much better this week and might even be out of ICU sometime next week. Things are thankfully looking up! Healing thoughts to Tuchus, please!

For me, adding to this, my parents announced just over a week ago (March 3) their decision to split up after 47 years of marriage. Seriously surreal. Then my uncle (my mom's brother) died two days later. Seriously crazy. 74. My dad (71) is freaking out. I haven't had the opportunity to ask my parents any questions about wtf is going on due to the overriding situation. My brother thinks my mother is going nuts.

Closer to home, DB2 has been mired in exam and end-of-term stress so he hasn't been over for his weekly fist training for the past two weeks. Seriously. I saw Xivenge™ briefly at the Vancouver Rubbermen meet on the 4th, poor guy has been so stressed with school and work, I haven't seen anything of him for a month. I think everyone's begging for some nice weather and respite from responsibilities for awhile.

So, not much play, not much sex, not much of anything lately. Seriously sad.

I did get the lawyers to settle with insurance last week for my cycling accident so I now have that done and past me now. The payout will pay off some bills and buy some investments. Whatever is left will repair my bike - FINALLY. This is the longest I've gone without regularly weekly physical activity in 30 years. Things are about to change. Seriously good!

So that's a bit of a relief. Taxes are (sort of) done, brokerage listing agreement signed for selling our condo complex (another stress situation in itself), PMP exam fees paid (and now they've randomly AUDITED me! Bullshit!). I gotta go through all my boxes in storage to find my bloody university transcripts from 2001...seriously fucked. It's a freaking accreditation institution FFS; I wish I could become the standard credential organization for something; it's a freaking perfect formula for extortion!

So yeah, fuck all that. On to rubbery stuff...

The plans for Rubbout and the UK trip are pretty much set, I am really looking forward to both; finally, a year to play the instigator role! I would still very much like to have a bit of new rubber for the upcoming events, but I think I'll be okay with all the stuff I currently have. It's going to be worn for different effect than the five previous years anyways...and I seriously plan to find some neat stuff in England. Seriously. And the English and Scottish studs I've been chatting with in anticipation of arriving on their turf in less than a month. Seriously sexy.

Speaking of, the Rubbout kickoff with the Vancouver Men in Leather and Vancouver Rubbermen was a hoot! I wore my Regulation London skin jeans and polo top to this event. As expected, the demos got the guys going, Figaro was doing some sexy bootblacking and PupLuvYvr and I did the vac bondage demos. We got quite a few guys through the equipment, and by the end of the night I was getting young guys trying to shove fingers and dicks up my butt! It was hilarious, Mr. P and I met a lot of new interesting people, but alas we didn't take any of them home with us.

This weekend I'm supposed to be getting together with an experienced fisting player from Victoria on Sunday. I hope he's not as unhinged as he seems in his messages; he has admitted a lot of sensitive stuff to me which I feel is sincere, but I sense that he really really wants to play, if you get my drift....he says he's going to meet a couple guys in the evening to play and I'm welcome to come along, though at the first sign of PnP I'm gonna have to bail. Maybe I'm overreacting, but lately these type of meets haven't gone so well. No matter, I would be satisfied enough just to get my paws in a willing hole for awhile, it's been that long. (PS: this never happened, I've been told this is a good thing.)

I'm working tonight and Friday night (mostly due to the fact the next evening change windows are Rubbout weekend and while I'm in the UK, so there'll be none of that), I'm hoping Wardog will come over Friday, there's a cute young SF guy that wants to play...but in typical style is not pinning down a night to do it, as of course something better will come along so I'm not holding my breath for that! (PS: this never happened either) 

Saturday night I'm going with Mr. P and a bunch of friends to Abbamania and Night Fever, the ABBA and Bee Gees tribute bands. I heard there might even be a visit by Cher!

Today I got even better news. I talked to Pup Figaro and Rusty last week about getting together for some rubber play, letting Rusty try out some vac- and rubber bondage and trying to get Figaro into rubber again. This will be great! I've wanted to play with these guys forever, I'm glad they want to get together. We're planning something for Sunday March 26. It's been sooo long that I've had a proper rubber play session so both Rusty and I are kinda gunned since we're both rubber pigs. (PS: due to curling playoff scheduling this never happened either)

So yeah, Rubbout's going to be a blast. RedBootBttm is going to be in town on March 11 (PS: this was moved to the 13th, then cancelled), and I'm off to the UK to pleasure British boys starting on the 14th to the 30th. It's going to be a blast blogging from points overseas! But.....I need to tend at the things at hand in the near future and leave that stuff until Rubbout is over!


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